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There were I believe between 25 to 30 teams at the event, which means that you're not sitting with or on the same team as whomever you came to the event with. Each team has a team name, cheer, and team leaders that help you make the event enjoyable and worthwhile. You pick a buddy at the event which you work with closely throughout the 6-days and participate in the exercises with. Date With Destiny is a self-discovery experience. It's an event where you explore the force that controls every thought, feeling, behaviour, and decision of your life.

This is known as your Blueprint, or model of the world, which is something that we will be exploring more in-depth later. But, your Blueprint consists of your beliefs, values, and rules. Most of us didn't consciously select our beliefs, values and rules, which causes us to not move towards or create the ultimate destiny we want for our lives. By taking control of these areas of your life , you are able to be pulled towards the life that you want and your ultimate destiny can be fulfilled.

This is something that most people are already good at, or at least those that were in attendance of the event. It isn't more achievement that is the answer for our lives, even though most of us feel we haven't achieved enough. What is missing in most of our lives is a sense of fulfillment. With more fulfillment in our lives, we will also naturally achieve more and give more, but ultimately more fulfillment is required to live a rich and meaningful life. With this Date of Destiny review, you can see how there is a relationship between fulfillment, value and your success.

No matter what stage you are in your life:

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. Robbins talks about how there are only a couple of things that will make you fulfilled, which are:. If you want one word for happiness, it's progress.


When you are making progress towards something or growing, you feel most alive and happy. You don't need to be where you want to be today, but as long as you're making progress towards it you will have a sense of happiness and excitement inside of you, something worth mentioning with the Date with Destiny review.

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God knows you are not made to be comfortable, you are made to grow. Good is the enemy of great. Good is the slow death. But people use softeners or certain words to avoid feeling how they really feel — all to avoid the truth and to be comfortable. These softeners limit us from feeling pain. The moment you can be honest with yourself, you have an opportunity to grow. At the event, we learned two new meanings for certain words: frustration and confusion. Frustration means you are about to have a breakthrough. Anytime you feel frustrated, you should quickly convert that into excitement.

Confusion means you're about to learn something , as your brain needs to come up with something new. Anytime you experience confusion, you should quickly start to celebrate. Most people perceive problems to be bad. What if problems were always gifts? It's up to us to find the gifts. You see, anything that doesn't match your blueprint of how you think things should be is what you perceive as a problem.

But we are the ones that create the problems, as problems are all relative. It's the story about the problem that is the problem. Every problem you have is life happening for you, not to you. Tony Robbins says that the 1 problem you have is that you think you're not supposed to have any problems. People want to have no problems in life, but don't realize that if this was the case they wouldn't grow or become stronger.

They wouldn't be fulfilled, and life would be boring — they would be miserable.

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The path of least resistance will never make you feel proud, but the path of resistance will always make you grow. The secret to life is to constantly be stretching. If you can't, then you must. The other thing that will make us fulfilled is a sense of contributing and to be giving. When we give, we immediately get outside of ourselves and feel happy.

The only reason that we grow is so that we have something to give. If we didn't contribute in any way, we'd feel worthless. Contribution is a law of the universe, as anything that doesn't contribute in some form gets eliminated by evolution.

If we all contributed more, we'd have a deeper sense of meaning in our lives and feel more fulfilled. My Date of Destiny review highlights this, as I know it is a valuable principle for everything we do. Emotion is why someone will run into a building and give their life for a stranger — the emotion to serve, which comes from a meaning that by giving my own life, I am more significant.

The minute we experience meaning, it triggers emotion. The twin forces of life are meaning and emotion. Meaning is the force that shapes life, emotion is what colors it. You cannot control the events of your life, only what things mean. Your destiny is who you are going to become and what you are going to give in this lifetime. What controls your destiny is your decisions.

Decisions equal destiny, or direction of your life. It's our decisions, not our conditions that control our destiny. It's what you decide to do with the conditions.

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This is the key to the Date of Destiny review and is a highly inspirational way to look at how our lives transform. You are constantly focusing on something during every moment. Whatever you focus on, you feel. Focus equals reality to the individual, even if its not real in actuality. And what you focus on is what you get in life. We must learn how to control our focus throughout our lives, which will shape which direction we're going. Do you focus on what you can control, or can't control? Do you focus on the past, present or the future?

Do you focus on what you have or what is missing in your life? What you focus on will determine whether you are depressed or not. Depression is NOT a disease, it's merely a pattern of focus. By taking control of your focus , you are able to radically shift the quality of your life.

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The moment you focus on something, you give it a a meaning. Is this good or bad? Is this person teasing me or being disrespectful?

Is this a challenge or a gift? Most achievers are always trying to control the events of their lives. While you can't control all of the events, you can always control the meaning that you give events.

Another word for meaning is your story. We come up with stories, or disempowering meanings, that control our lives. These stories is what prevents us from taking action or making progress in certain areas. You must become a master of meaning and learn to find the good in every situation and come up with more empowering meanings for the events of your life.