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Outer terrestrial pilot Kyra Davis must save the planet. She leaves the practical realities of science and artificial intelligence to explore a world threatened by a dying star. Davis must engage the fierce space police who stand in the way of her mission. The space security patrol also captures intruders into their world to indoctrinate them with their political agenda.

Harvest of Stars presents an epic scope. It detailed centuries of the past on humans and classified among the most positive visions of the future. Anderson went heavy on the evil government theme, in support of the private sector.

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The leading role accounts for a suave and physically beautiful heroin, while the villain typically looks ugly. However, beyond that, Anderson feared that some innate intelligence might opt to assemble a virtual reality dwelling place or develop mathematical systems instead of exploring further solar systems. This edition sets up the conflict that forms the basis of his future books on the extra terrestrial historical outlines. Moreover, the expectation is that a downloaded version of his intelligence opens up possibilities of creating similar artificial intelligence in identical computers.

Anderson sets the ascension of AI soon after, but it seems challenging to come up with better plots for his future editions. The overall storyline adds up quite well, building into a solid theory of life in the outer space and the political implications of the time, seeing that he is extremely anti-government. We return to the brilliantly visualized future, this time focusing on a revolt and subsequent liberation on the Moon.

The book explores in great depth the diversity between individuals, races, and above all, computers vs. We read about a future when computers revolutionalize the work force, creating a massive unemployment. Some individuals desperately seek answers and the next course of action in a world without any freedom of expression. It explores a fascinating world, with unique characters covering every aspect of a future world. This is a well-plotted and paced story with an adequately converged present timeline.

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But like most Sci-Fi editions of this period, it ends trying to resolve spiritual matters while attempting to stay true to its idealistic covetousness. Poul Anderson devoted his writing career to the creative venture of creating science fiction, carefully set in extrapolated humans of the future. As a continuation to his previous editions in this book series, he takes a deep plunge into the futuristic world with Harvest the Fire.

This is a tale of the growth of humanity to the solar system and afar. It also gives an account of the evolution of robot intelligence until humans and robots engage in conflict. The need to evolve creates a huge problem for people invading into unknown territory and their desire to conquer the space world. Harvest the Fire centers on politics narrated poetically.

Jesse Nicol is the poet, who seeks recognition in an era where literary greatness no longer exists. He travels to the Moon and meets a radiant beauty, Falaire, and immediately falls in love with her.

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Falaire has her concerns; she must escape from her masters—robotic machines. Robots control humans, and Falaire has vast knowledge that humans must seize. Poul Anderson writes a sharp and moving tale with the exactness and clear focus of an expert author.

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All-Time Favorite Author. Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. Grandmaster of Fantasy Gandalf. A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows. The Many Worlds of Poul Anderson. Best Single Author Collection.

All-Time Best Author. The Earth Book of Stormgate. Best Art or Illustrated Book. Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction. Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. All-Time Best Fantasy Novelist. All-Time Best Novelist combined.

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