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You also get to learn from the founders, which is like royal jelly for career development. Their stress is your stress, and people politics is impossible to avoid. Working at a large company Corporates roles are more specialised, so you can literally do the same thing every day.

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You get the opportunity to work with a large team, but the work can also end up feeling soulless or chaotic. You also spend a lot of time sitting down under fluorescent lights. Good missions get derailed by people, and that can be incredibly disheartening.

Are these good or bad? It depends on the role, the person and the circumstances. These are extra opportunities that tick boxes that your day job misses, giving you a well-rounded year even in an imperfect role. These include:. Side projects This might be something you build, like an art project, an event, a website or a productive hobby.

These give you the feeling of progress, increase your skills, help you meet new people, and all without managers and deadlines. Best of all, you get to pick yourself, rather than hoping someone else picks you.

Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection

Side hustles A side hustle is a hobby with a revenue stream. This gives you some exposure to all facets of business, without the need to quit your day job. Volunteering Volunteering can give your skillset some meaning, turning your talents into genuine impact.

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It can be unrelated to your work or it can use your talents for good causes. Perhaps you build websites for NGOs, or take professional photos for community events.

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Maybe you join a board, lending your expertise to guide good businesses. Study Your job might not be building your professional development, but a course or stack of books can rapidly advance your progress. This can include tertiary studies, short courses, watching tutorials or reading good books. The common objection is that this takes time, but remember - the time will pass anyway.

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My question is, which is easier: a fixing your imperfect opportunity? With a supplement, you have control over timing, pacing, finances and the right to change your mind.

Imperfect Allies People are imperfect too, and the same principles apply here. From the sleepless early…. People often ask me for advice on childproofing once their little ones become mobile and I always start by saying get down on all fours and look up at the world from the point of view of a crawling child.

The birth of my 3rd child, Hudson, came 6 weeks before the eldest, Isaiah, started school.

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When I found out I was pregnant with Hudson and thought to the future I did feel a little panicky about how I was going to get Isaiah to school on time each day. I knew the first week…. We discover things to do and places to go around Northants that are fun ways to get us out of the house. September 10, ImperfectMummy.

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