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Adresse: Xxx-xxx. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alle Markennamen, Logos und eingetragenen Warenzeichen auf xxx-xxx. Die Verwendung von xxx-xxx. I never slept that hard, and coming out of it was something I was unaccustomed to. I knew instantly that it was going to be a rough morning by the pounding in my temples.

The clock showed five a. A twenty-four hour layover was never enough time to adjust to the time difference. Since there were no longer any lingering effects of alcohol buzzing through my system, I knew I had a problem. I was starting to like that kinky rich bastard. I went directly into the shower, pinning my hair up and keeping it carefully dry. I threw my shift back on my slightly damp skin, planning to wear it until it was time to change into work clothes.

I was so used to sharing adjoining rooms with Stephan that it was just second nature for me to stay at least partially decent while I got ready. My bathroom door was slightly ajar, so when my hotel room door clicked open and then closed, I froze in alarm. I peeked out of the door, both surprised and relieved to see that it was James. He joined me in the bathroom without asking.

He handed me a cup of coffee and two white tablets. He set two bottles of water on the counter. A long drink of the coffee and I felt nearly human again. I saw that he had changed his clothes. He was back in a suit, looking fresh and well rested. My eyes were on his impeccable suit. It was a soft gray, his shirt and tie blue today. As I looked at him, my eyes moved up to his in the mirror. We were both facing it, and his lovely turquoise eyes were glued to my body with an intensity that made my eyes follow his.

My thin shift, combined with my slightly damp skin, had, not surprisingly, made my nightgown transparent. I might as well be naked, I thought, a little stunned. It was an intoxicating feeling, to put that look in his eyes. He stepped in directly behind me, his eyes steadily on my chest. My breasts felt heavy and I wanted him to touch them so badly. I unconsciously arched my back a little, my shoulders going back, my chest forward, my nipples clearly visible as they rubbed against the thin fabric of my shift.

They were pebbled to hardness, and tightened even more as I watched them. His hands covered my breasts, finally, and I moaned, arching back. He kneaded them firmly and my eyes fell closed. One hand stayed kneading my breast, and plucking at my nipple just perfectly while the other ran along my ribs, down my abdomen, and straight between my legs. They started to shut instinctively against the invasion.

I just need to touch you. Lay your head back against my shoulder. He sucked in a breath as he felt me. You are too much, Bianca.

The fit was excruciatingly tight. I masturbated sometimes with my own fingers, but his were just so much bigger and rougher, and more talented. He knew how to touch me with far more skill than I knew how to touch myself. The thought was a little daunting, but my mind quickly wandered back to the sensations at hand.

He worked his finger all the way in and began to stroke, his finger seeking out just the right spot inside of me. His thumb never stopped circling my clit, and his other hand still kneaded my tender breast with consummate skill.

He was a hell of a multi-tasker. As he stroked, his arousal brushed against my back with increasing pressure. He slipped a second finger in and I felt impossibly full. I cried out, grinding against him. He stopped suddenly. Cavendish, make me come. I came in seconds, before I even really knew it was happening. Or so powerfully. I felt like I may have lost myself for a moment. We were both panting heavily as I came back to myself. He caught my gaze in the mirror as he shifted his fingers out of me.

I watched, absolutely mesmerized, as he raised them to his mouth and licked them clean. When he finished, he grabbed my chin and turned my head to his for a deep kiss. I tried to reach for his still heavy arousal. He caught my hand, knowing where it was headed. Get dressed.

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He was apparently frustrated and moody about it. James watched me the entire time, not giving me a second of privacy. I was in too much of a hurry to worry about it. That thing should be illegal. I just laughed. Stephan will help me. There has to be something I can do for you. Preferably for days. Impulsively, I knelt in front of him.

My face hovered just inches from his groin, but I checked the urge to touch him, just looking up at him instead. He gripped my hair a little roughly. I shook my head, licking my lips again. He was.. And right in my face. It was no hardship at all to take him into my mouth and start sucking on him hungrily.

Just the opposite. He used his hands to show me. He used the moisture that my mouth had spread on the tip and the shaft to lubricate my hands.


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He coached them into a twisting motion at the base. Both of his hands were gripped in my hair tightly. I could get addicted to this feeling. To this act. Instead of pulling back, I sucked harder, swallowing instinctively when the warm essence of him shot against the back of my throat.

He pulled me up and kissed me. His hands were rough in my hair, almost to the point of pain, but, caught up in the moment, I loved it. He finally set me down, glancing at the clock. I grabbed my bags and my half-empty cup of coffee on the way out, not saying goodbye. Beautiful my phone number. Ohne danach zu fragen kam er zu mir ins Bad. Dann stellte er zwei Flaschen Wasser auf den Tisch.