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Victor Kaslov''s magic has caused a rift between Covens and it''s up to Marcus to heal it. Not a day has gone by that Marcus has not thought of Victor, or of the love they had shared.

Marcus is determined to uncover the truth and see that justice is served. He just hopes that he doesn''t lose his heart once more in the process. Sadie Harris will do anything to prevent the bonding ritual to her mate, Victor. Entwining their souls will stop his magic from raging out of control, but it will also rob her of her freedom. How could she make such a large sacrifice for a man when she''s unsure of his true feelings for her? Roman was just a man, and knew nothing of visions and the mating heat of witches and warlocks. Cyrah gasped as the other person in the office moved into her line of vision.

While Roman was long and lean like a soccer player, his companion was broader, more muscular. Cyrah widened her eyes as she watched them interact. There was an easy familiarity about them, as if they were close friends. Roman said something, and the other man laughed.

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The other man closed his eyes. Cyrah held her breath in anticipation. Not friends, then, but lovers. She thought the information would squelch the burning heat between her thighs, but it only made it hotter. The kiss was gentle and affectionate. Cyrah inched closer to the window and pictured herself pressed in between them. What would they smell like? How would all of those hard muscles feel against her skin? She imagined them kissing her with as much passion as they kissed each other. Their auras turned from crimson to fire-engine red. Cyrah shivered as her need escalated. The kiss changed from affectionate to desperate.

They ground their hips together as if they wanted to fuse their bodies into one being. Their auras blended and grew until they filled the entire room, as often happened when people felt strong emotions. Cyrah knew that she should leave. The lovers obviously wanted some privacy. Her message for them was too important.

Besides, she had never seen two men kiss before, and it fascinated her. As she watched, pressure built deep inside her core, and her panties became damp. The urge to participate was overwhelming.

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What was wrong with her? Never before had she felt such strong desire. A primal longing pulsed through her, making her want to weep with frustration. Cyrah grabbed her breasts in an attempt to relieve some of the ache. She squeezed and pinched her nipples as she watched the men undress each other but could barely feel her ministrations through her cleaning uniform.

What was it about these men that affected her? They were physically appealing, yes, but she had seen attractive men before. None of them caused such an intense reaction.

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Was it possible to die of unsatisfied lust? Cyrah glanced behind her and confirmed that the hall was empty. She positioned herself so that most of her body was shielded by the plant and then undid her pants. She rested her head on the window as she pulled her navy trousers and panties down around her ankles. The emotions were just too strong. She spread her knees apart and bit back a groan as cool air kissed her wet folds.


Cyrah plunged her finger into her slick channel. Her muscles stretched, but not enough. She needed more, much more. She turned back to the window. Roman was the first to break the kiss. Both men were breathing heavily as Roman turned his lover around and bent him over the desk. Cyrah moistened her lips as Roman walked around to the other side and grabbed something out of one of the drawers. What was he doing?

Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sextreme. A Siren Erotic Romance. She shivered and closed her eyes. Marcus lowered her hands and waited until she opened her eyes. God, how he missed Marcus. Victor looked up and met his gaze. Such beautiful green eyes. They reminded him of when he used to play in the forest outside of his home in springtime.

Things were so much simpler then, just like things were so much simpler in his life when he was with Marcus. Ever since he had left Maddock Coven, all he did was worry, think, and plan. Victor was so tired of running. He was tired of thinking and scheming. For just a few moments, he wanted peace, a peace that he knew only Marcus could provide.

Victor noticed that they were trembling.

Bonded in Blood [Warlock Mating Chronicles] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

The man had such firm, full lips. So kissable.

I thought when you made your decision that you were through with me. It gave me another chance to see you. Desire surged and burned hot in his veins. It was typical Marcus. He was so giving, so accepting of whatever Victor gave him.

Loving Marcus was not a fight, nor was it complicated. No matter what happened between them, or how much distance there was, Marcus would always be there for him, waiting. The man tasted just as good as he remembered. A spicy, sweet taste burst on his tongue. Their tongues dueled as a Victor pulled Marcus closer.

Bonded in Trust [Warlock Mating Chronicles 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

The pattern was so uniquely his. So strong, and hard. Victor caught it, consumed it. Sadie was there, with them.