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And Ted Sands would make a large bet, he always kept enough money in his pocket to make a large bet. The bet was this, go to the library, find the biggest book on the rarest subject you can find so that you know I never read this book. Give me the book. Leave me alone for one hour. Ill give you the book back. You tell me the page number. Out of memory, Ill recite that page. If I miss one word, you win the bet.

To Kill A Mockingbird, Chapters 18-24

RW: I saw this 50 times! We would go through the library, look for the fattest book. Okay, Ted, we got you this time, a thousand two hundred pages! One hour. Put the money with a stake holder, took the book back. Page One hour with the book, You know, the house had its characters too. But there were representatives from every class there that were great at something.

I mean, we had some terrific characters, but I mean, the personalities during my short tenure in the house were mindboggling. Ted Sands, Ill take his name to the grave with me. But we did, you know, we would find common interests. There werent really cliques in the house, but there would be groups that had a lot in common with each other and wonderful parties, wonderful parties.

And our parties never had a sad or destructive side to them.

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Just good fun. For example, The three richest kids in the house got together and took over one of these mini suites. They hired a decorator, and she made everything beige and brown, light beige and brown. New furniture, new beds, new desks, new carpeting, new wallpaper, and a painter came in. I mean the room was exquisite. To break in the room, they hosted what they called a purple passion party.

Purple passions are grape juice and gin.

By the end of the party, the whole room was purple. The rugs were purple, the bedsheets were purple, the drapes were purple, the walls were purple, the ceiling was purple! The room was destroyed in one party! Another time, after the war broke out, there was a fuel shortage and the house was cold.

There was a senior by the name of Jay Sykes who was another genius, but an oddball. Now he went to the house manager, he said, "I will not be cold. Either turn up the heat or Im gonna make a fire. So he broke up some dining room tables and chairs and set them afire. Laughter I mean he just lit the whole, fortunately we could put it out ourselves, because it didnt really start. But he broke up a number of table and chairs and had a bonfire going in the dining room. RW: Well, they just chastised him.

Jay wasnt unreasonable.

Pawnbroker, The (1964) Movie Script

He was just trying to make a point. There was another guy who was kind of strange 'cause five or six years before he got there, he had a big brother that was a big man on campus. And Bob wasnt social, he wasnt athletic, but in many ways like an inventor or a genius.

You know, he had a Model A Ford convertible that was creampuff, I mean mint, mint, mint. You ever heard a Model A engine thats in tune, I mean, its like music. And then gas rationing came, he reads Popular Mechanics. And Popular Mechanics had a do-it-yourself instruction article on how to mount a five gallon can on the firewall of your car and fill that with kerosene.

You start your car with gasoline, the fuel line from the kerosene wrapped around, it was a copper line that wrapped around the manifold to preheat the fuel. Then you shut the petcock off for the gasoline and opened the petcock for kerosene. And it burned adequately. Could buy all the kerosene you wanted.

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His worked to perfection. Tulin's shortcoming was he loved to play an ocarina. Know what an ocarina is? Some people call it a sweet potato. Its shaped like sweet potato. It has a little mouth piece and finger holes. And it sounds almost like a fife. And he had a very tiny little balcony on the second floor came out it was no bigger than this. Two people could stand on it. And Tulin, hot and cold, used to walk out on the balcony and play his ocarina. There was an old crotchety bastard across the street that had ears Hed coming running out, "Tulin stop playing that ocarina!

Tulin says, "Would you please drop dead? He was RW: He took Tulin literally. He couldnt use the car, so he let me take it to school. It was not in the shape that Tulins was. It was transportation. When he bought it, it didnt run. And you needed a toolbox with you all the time. But they were easy to work on. You know, and it got me around. I loved it. So I wake up one morning to go to class, and my car is gone.

I call the police. Nobody says anything. Police says, "We found your car. Were gonna come and pick you up. It had, you know, a big concrete basin and there was a wide space on top of it. They drove my car there, picked it up, and carried it to the middle of the fountain. About eight guys picked it up. I needed eight guys to pick it up and put in on the grass. RW: I got eight guys to pick it up and put it on the grass.

Yeah, they were happy days. They were happy days. Everybody did their own thing. Any number of things were started to come down from the government. I dont even remember all of them. If I ever knew them all. And the college set up advisors.

And a lot of my buddies went into programs were during the war, they came out M. Never had to finish college. Never had to apply to a medical school. RW: Never had to take out a loan? They were paid to go! I mean thats one of the things that after the war made me really bitter. Im the only one out of the house I know, that saw non-stop combat Everybody else got into some kind of program and became cartologists? They all got educations. RW: Well, my misfortune really started because I listened to my mother.