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Meanwhile, you should be prompt in answering any questions from investors, and engaging the crowd with regular updates. Expect the action to die down in the second to third week of your campaign, once the initial hype around your campaign has worn off. There are a number of ways to reinvigorate a crowdfunding campaign.

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To re-engage investors, host a webinar, give them an informative presentation first-hand, and encourage them to ask questions. So, an online event can be more inclusive and therefore more effective, but at a fraction of the time, effort and cost. Inform as many potential investors as you can in advance via email, your crowdfunding page, social media and by launching an Eventbrite page. Another press release, this time with a new and different angle, will also give a boost to a stagnant campaign.

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  • This might be a news piece written in typical third-person journalist style, or an advice-based opinion piece written in first-person. Again, research the publications who might be interested, and write around their audiences.

    First Steps Toward A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign by Emily Best (Seed&Spark Founder / CEO)

    With the end of your campaign in sight, put every effort into bringing potential investors to your campaign page, with emphasis on the fact your campaign is about to close. Broadcast this message via all your digital channels, and personally nudge all who have expressed interest but not yet invested.

    If you can think of any others who might be interested, let them know, and kindly ask your network to inform others. With your campaign closed and fully funded, I hope! Crowdfunding campaigns bring with them a whole lot of work, and far more than one person can handle. So, recruit at least four people to help you out. This will make everything from writing pitch materials to answering investor questions far easier.

    If not, recruit an agency for some backup. We use, and swear by, Trello and Slack. Sit down and write out what it is that that audience wants. You can't just assume you know what that is; you need to do actual research and gather real data to help you become more familiar with those you are targeting. Once you know who your target audience is and what they want, create high-quality print and web marketing materials.

    You don't need to copy the videos or fliers of another company -- you should personalize materials to yourself and your message. But avoid tacky, cheesy pieces unless they what truly fit with your project. When starting a crowdfunding campaign, set goals. Not only should you decide beforehand what your total fund-raising goal is, you should also specify time line goals, production goals and any other ones needed to keep your project moving forward.

    Crowdfunding: How to Raise Money & Launch a Campaign

    While you're not required to reward your investors, offering something in return for their support makes for a more successful campaign. Make sure that any reward you offer is worthwhile , as well. A hand-written thank-you note is nice, but it won't likely motivate people to invest. Whether your project is personal or is a new business venture, get personal in your message to investors.

    When people feel that they know you, they'll feel more comfortable with, and trust in, your goals. Opening up about yourself and your situation is a great way to help your campaign see more success. Keep in mind that it is possible to overshare, though. Once you've published your crowdfunding campaign, start spreading the word. Share your campaign on social media, with family and friends, on blogs and anywhere else where you can get it out there.

    The wider your reach, the more potential you have for investors to see it. Communicate with your investors throughout the entire process. This also helps to build trust. While you don't need to tell them every detail, be as open and transparent as possible.

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    Don't just pitch them or try to sell to them, either; people know when they're hearing hot air. Feedback, although frustrating at times, is extremely important for you to make progress -- especially if you're working on a product. The more feedback you receive, the better you'll be able to tell where your pain points are and make a plan to improve the final product so it's ready to go into production.

    Don't forget any of the promises you've made during your campaign, whether they were to your entire investor group or certain individuals. If you follow through on your promises , you'll not only build credibility for any future projects, you'll also avoid disappointing your investors. What have you noticed in a crowdfunding campaign that stuck out to you? Do you think it helped that campaign be successful? Entrepreneur Media, Inc. It's up to you to be creative and find other incentives. Another thing to keep in mind about Kickstarter campaigns is that they slow down significantly in the middle, really only booming during the first and last few days of their campaign.

    This can lead to a lot of prolonged anxiety.


    People wait until the last 48 hours to get a notification and back projects. However, near the end, I had some streamers and articles get released just in time to swoop in and save the day. Ultimately, it comes down to a mix of preparation, community engagement, and realistic expectations when going into a Kickstarter campaign. The important thing is to go out there and try.

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