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Among players who did not want to play Oko, Golgari Adventure is the most popular choice, at 6. Besides Golgari Adventure, the next four most popular non-Oko decks are as follows.

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Given that everyone expected Oko to be dominant, many players chose these decks in the hope that they would have a slightly favorable matchup against the Food decks. These beliefs make sense in theory.

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For example, Temur Reclamation may be able to go over the top in the lategame, and Rakdos Sacrifice can take advantage of the relative lack of removal in the Food decks. But we'll have to see whether it all plays out like that in practice. Overall, there are plenty of spicy brews to root for. All decklists for now without quantities of sideboard cards are available here. The battle lines are drawn, and now two questions remain to be answered: What is the best Oko deck, and are there any decks that can beat the Food menace? We'll have 10 rounds of Standard with some of the best players in the world to find out, and I will share my analysis throughout the weekend.

Check back tomorrow to see what decks make the cut to Day Two, and of course, check out the action live at twitch.

Day One. Your journal for life.

Frank Karsten. Archetype Players Percentage Sultai Food Another huge problem I have is that when I want to edit an entry, the app would instantly take me to the bottom of the entry instead of the place I already was. And if I slide up and tap on the text I want to edit, most of the time the app just keeps taking me back to the bottom.

I think I have to double tap it sometimes and make sure I am not sliding to get it to select the text I want. It is so frustrating for me, why can this not work like google docs where it just stays at the same spot I click edit instead of going all the way down. Thank you so much for your feedback.

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Only thing I would improve is having the ability to save location data forever, currently location data is only saved for six weeks unless you manually save an entry for a place. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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