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Geezer Butler started as a guitarist, so you may like some Black Sabbath songs like the bluesy Warning from the first album, or War Pigs from Paranoid. Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers would also be a good starter. Far as your bass choice, take a tuner with you to Guitar Center, pick something out, tune it up, and have fun. Jam sessions are a good way to test and improve your ear. I can fumble through most stuff, although "Carry on Wayward Son" was not pretty.

Apr 30, PA. Go to different jams with a different crowd and they will have different songs.

I think we got slightly "out-jammed" by the "ear-improving" specialists in our "theory-is-hard" thread. It's in C. My first question would be about that notating of F dim7. Why don't we call it - Gbdim7? My next question is about the "appearance" of F dim7 and B7 in C major. The "only Roots" bass player do not need to worry about my question. What notes other than the chord notes would be appropriate to include with those two chords? Nov 19, Hampshire, UK. Whousedtoplay likes this.

Sheet Music Chord Friday Night At The Cadillac Club Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) PNG

Dec 25, Whousedtoplay and Mushroo like this. Apr 2, Massachusetts, USA. Last edited: Jan 31, Whousedtoplay and Wasnex like this. I could not end that "no-music-value" just a harmonic tongue-twister with 12 measures; therefore, with a button on GP, I've added four more bars in order to acquire 16 measures. Also, I could not figure out how to add more complex chords on Guitar Pro without a keyboard, just with a button.

Those chord voicings are TAB for the guitar. Those chord voicings look terrible as the piano chords - no need to call piano players. Once again, I name a chord but not too dificult , push a button on GP, and get some sonic notation of my chord. Feb 1, This morning, I've slowed down that harmonic tongue-twister to 94BPM, changed the drum rhythmic pattern, added lots of "reverb", chorus, and decided to call it "Learning Theory is Hard".

A rip roaring opening by legendary Texas artist Ray Wylie Hubbard was absolutely the perfect choice. Nobody was falling asleep during this guy. It got very empty. It stayed that way the entire time things got set up for the main act.

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The one thing that was totally apparent? Almost every single person that filed back in had a drink in their hand. Whether it was a beer or a mixed drink, sometimes one, sometimes double fisted, this was a drinking crowd. Never a band with outrageous sets or special effects, once again, they kept it fairly simple. Black backdrop. Some vertical lights spread along the stage that changed colors, a little smoke. Nothing crazy.

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The music speaks for itself here. The band members came out as they usually do, Johnston in a ball cap, shades, denim jacket and boots, Mason in a ball cap and Caldwell skipped the ball cap this time around, choosing to let his wild mane of curls fly free, all the better for those hair flips later in the show. This is one of many hard pounding songs the band has in its catalog that showcases everything there is to know about them, lyrically.

They rocked hard right out of the gate. Have I mentioned these guys are from Tennessee? They love it, breathe it and are very proud of it. For so many in the audience, who are from Tennessee, or are transplants, this song is a huge favorite. For an album that was just released a week ago, even the new songs had been memorized by the crowd, because as I looked around, there were lots of people singing right along.

Both of which created an almost frenzied emotional response from this already pumped crowd. It was that smoking hot. Guys, take my word for it. Both Caldwell and Mason were given seriously impressive solos during this number. One of the most incredible highlights of the evening. Loud roar. I always enjoy when artists ask if there are any musicians or songwriters in the audience at concerts here.

One of which is Neil Mason.

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Not only does he play the part of Drummer for The Cadillac Three, he also co-writes many of their songs. I loved how their voices worked together. Oh, sweet Tennessee! This time, no other words are needed. Written solely by Jaren Johnston, you know this one is as much for his wife as it is for the land he calls home. How do you follow up a ballad like that?

With a hard core drinking song of course! This one tells the quintessential story of the damages suffered after an evening of drinking.

How much fun is this song? I can tell you this much, I witnessed some pretty happy people during this song, and yes, most every one of them had a drink in their hand. The idea, for whatever reason, stuck. These guys are just here for a good time. This is another reason to be on their team. The world is complicated enough. The song is everything a good song should be and coupled with an intense lap steel solo by Kelby Ray Caldwell, one might even feel a little bit sorry for that old label now.

Oh well, who were they anyway? How do you play your hometown after this much success and not look out to see familiar face after familiar face? This was a pivotal moment for the band. Playing The Ryman as the headliner had to be more than they could ever have dreamed. The song that I think Johnston was referring to when he mentioned crying earlier on, was next.

Johnston and his wife, Evyn recently became parents to baby boy Jude and I think he has taken stock of his life in new ways. I think this song speaks to that. We all want to leave a little bit of ourselves behind and family ties are the best way to do that.

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Not even all the fame in the world can match it. The show finished extremely strong. This is one of the rowdiest tunes TC3 has to date. If you like it right away, you love it by the end of the song.