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Excuse my English - but, out-freakin'-standing! Absolutely brilliant!

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This book involves cults and the disturbing powers they wield over their followers. A society within a society. When I was in my freshman year of college we had a deprogrammer come to our dorm to warn us of the danger of cults and how to spot if one approaches you. Within a month I was approached by 2 members who used the Excuse my English - but, out-freakin'-standing!

Within a month I was approached by 2 members who used the exact lines on me that we were told to expect! I turned tail and ran.

Into The Light

This hit way too close to home. Told from several points of view Sara who wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened and how she got there, but even more disturbing, no memory of who she is. The husband Jacob. Is he truly a follower? Or is there more to why he is a member of this group?

Stella is an investigative journalist in Detroit who is in search of her missing friend. She comes across a possible story regarding unidentified bodies being found in abandoned buildings.

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Is it conceivable this ties into her missing friend? I couldn't and wouldn't put it down! This book absolutely lulls you in with a vise-like grip. Chugging along Captivating, disturbing, a little strange, even borderline bizarre. Are you kidding me? Screaming in my living room! Husband running to make sure I'm ok The best, wicked twist that I have read in over a year!

Grabbing book 2 as I write this! View all 57 comments. Disappeared into thin air. Her writing and storytelling is superb and will have readers on the edge of their seats with this intelligently woven thrill ride.

The author eases between povs and has you totally relating to our heroine, Sara Adams. Top that off with a husband named Jacob and oh yeah did I mention that her eyes are bandaged up to boot? Stella utilizes all her sources and comes across some very suspect information that may all tie together. While Sara Adams is learning the ways of her community and religion, she is trying hard to please her husband and avoid those corrections by him and the organization.

Is it possible that she has actually fallen in love with her husband and him with her? Overall, this story had it all for me and I recommend it to fans of suspense and mystery reads.


The story does end with a terrific cliffhanger that was well placed and threw two twists that I personally never saw coming. View all 90 comments. To be honest I was at the edge of my seat from the very beginning until the end and yeah, I enjoyed every minute of this suspenseful romantic thriller.

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Into the Light

Well, at least in my humble opinion. In order to survive, Sara will have to learn the ways of her new life and all the religious teachings. What a ride this first installment turned out to be! Seriously, Mrs.

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Romig delivered such a gripping, intriguing read. The plot is layered and thickens with every chapter as the story unfolds which I really loved. I have to admit I figured out some things pretty early, but there were many others that really shocked me and made me question everything.

I loved the fact the story was told from multiple POV. In my opinion a multiple POV was the right choice for a story as complex as this one. All three POVs were interesting, well written and I really enjoyed all of them. The mystery, the suspense and also the romantic aspect made this story a total winner for me, so if you want to be blow away, I highly recommend this one. View all 65 comments.

I have to admit..

In This Moment- Into The Light (LYRICS)

It's more of a thriller and it's freaking good! Sara wakes up in a hospital and realizes she can't see and has no memories of her life at all. She is told by the staff and a guy who says he is her husband that she had an accident and is recovering. But husband boy? Sara may just need to go back to sleep. Sara is told that Jacob and herself are part of what is called "The Light"..

The Light is a cult refuge in which women are taken care of by their husbands. Umm that means the fuckers tell them when to even take a pee. The husbands and Sara finds this out the hard way, may have to 'correct' their wives for either questioning or embarrassing them in anyway. But of course.. She learns that she is supposed to greet him at the door when he returns home everyday. Jacob does have two sides though and Sara starts to have some smexy time feelings for him. Lay off the girl-she honestly believes she belongs here.. There is another storyline going at the same time as Sara's story is unfolding.

Stella is an investigative reporter who's best friend Mindy has gone missing. Once she starts looking into the disappearance she realizes that everything ties back to "The Light" Think you have it figured out? This book totally messes with your head. Now I need the second book. I hate frigging cliffhanger serial books and here I am begging for the next one.

I need to get ahold of myself. Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review. I'm picking my friend Chelsea's review to put in this slot. She hits the nail on the head with this book and she uses words instead of pick-tures. View all 34 comments. Once again, Aleatha Romig has totally mind fucked me. I am not always a fan of thrillers, mysteries or suspense, but I love this author and wanted to give this one a go. My god this one got me from the start. This one has really t 5 stars! This one has really threw me for a loop! She is also trying to find leads on her missing best friend and fellow reporter, Molly.

Sara is a girl who lost her memory and woke up from a terrible accident not knowing who she was or where she was.

Do yourself a favor and read it without any spoilers or too in-depth reviews, because you really want to get the full impact at the end!