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HIS116 Lecture 8_2 Frankish Empire

Nor did his campaigns ever extend into the Hadhramaut region…. Kariera, Aboriginal tribe of Western Australia that became one of the type groups for the study of Aboriginal social organization and religion. The Kariera originally occupied the coastal and neighbouring inland regions in the vicinity of Port Hedland and part of the Yule and Turner rivers. Laypersons, too, may wear these garments during visits to shrines or participation in religious ceremonies.

India: The French: …; Mahe in Malabar and Karaikal on the eastern coast were acquired in and , respectively. Chandarnagar was revived. The French company remained under the close supervision of the government, which nominated the directors and, from , guaranteed fixed dividends.


India: Southern Indian kingdoms: Karikalan late 2nd century ce is the best known of the early Cola chiefs and was to become almost a kind of eponymous ancestor to many families of the south claiming Cola descent. The early capital was at Uraiyur, in an area that stretched from…. It has yielded artifacts that offer clear proof both of the knowledge of. The possibility of a continuation of the level into the northern Syrian and southern Turkish portions of the natural habitat zone has been essentially untested by modern field research.

Both of the available complexes of materials, the…. Karimabad, town in the Northern Areas of the Pakistani-administered portion of the Kashmir region, in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Formerly a small principality under the hereditary ruler known as the Mir of Hunza, it joined with Pakistan in The town, situated on the west. Karimnagar, city, north-central Telangana state, southern India. It is situated on a tributary to the Godavari River, about 80 miles km northeast of Hyderabad. The city is an agricultural millet, rice, oilseeds, and cotton centre and road junction.

The surrounding region is a mainly. Karimojong, eastern Nilotic pastoral people of northeastern Uganda. The Karimojong are the largest of a cluster of culturally and historically related peoples, including the Jie, Teso, Dodoth or Dodos , and Labwor of Uganda and the Turkana of neighbouring Kenya.

They speak an Eastern Nilotic. Islam Karimov , Uzbek politician who became president of Uzbekistan in Later he became a member of the Academy of Sciences in Uzbekistan. He worked first as. Anna Karina, Danish beauty prominently featured in French films of the s, notably in those directed by her husband Jean-Luc Godard. After finishing high school, Anna Karina studied dance and worked as a model for fashion magazines. She appeared in several industrial and independent films,. He read law at Athens and won a prize for poetry in After obtaining his degree he worked as a government clerk in Athens, where he developed a.

Mount Karisimbi, highest peak 14, feet [4, m] in the volcanic Virunga Mountains of east-central Africa. Karisimbi is the habitat of gorillas and is. Kariuki was critical of growing corruption in the government, and he won considerable support when increasing oil prices and the consequent worldwide inflation caused hardship among the poorer members of the community.

His murder in March ,…. Kariya, city, southwest-central Aichi ken prefecture , central Honshu, Japan. The city is situated at the head of an estuary opening into Chita Bay and is a short distance southeast of Nagoya. It was founded as a small castle town in by the Mizuno clan and was passed to various daimyo.

Another superb example is found in Fetiye Cami Church of…. Magnus Carlsen: …was tied against Russian player Sergey Karjakin after 12 games. He defeated Karjakin by winning 2 games in a 4-game rapid round, in which each player had only 25 minutes on the clock, with 10 seconds added after each move. Carlsen clinched his victory with style on the last move….

It was the site of two ancient battles.

Italy and Her Invaders by Hodgkin, Thomas

The city was defended by a coalition of Aramaeans led by B. The climate is continental, and precipitation averages only 4—12 inches — mm a year. The river network is therefore scant, with many streams flowing only in spring. In this capacity he traveled to many villages in the provinces. His short stories tell of the life, traditions, and legends of the villages.

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A series of bridges, including one railroad trestle, link the two banks. From a built-up area of about 4 square miles 10 square km at the beginning of the 20th century, Baghdad has expanded into a bustling metropolis with suburbs spreading north and south…. Giant Mountains, mountains, major segment of the Sudeten in northeastern Bohemia and part of the western Czech-Polish frontier.

Succeeding to the Bavarian throne in , Charles Albert renounced any claims to the Austrian succession when he r. He made his court and the University of Jena leading intellectual centres of Germany during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Introduced to Goethe in ,. Charles III, Frankish king and emperor, whose fall in marked the final disintegration of the empire of Charlemagne.

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  4. Although he controlled France briefly, he is usually not reckoned among the kings of France. The youngest son of Louis the German and great-grandson of Charlemagne, Charles b. Charlemagne, king of the Franks — , king of the Lombards — , and first emperor — of the Romans and of what was later called the Holy Roman Empire.

    Around the time of the birth of Charlemagne—conventionally held to be but likely to be or —his father, Pippin III the. Charles II, king of France i. Johann Kaspar gave his son Friedrich a sound grammar school education until the age of 13 when, in deference to what amounted to a command from his despotic sovereign, he reluctantly agreed to send his boy to the Military Academy the…. A grandnephew of the emperor Franz Joseph, Charles became heir presumptive to the Habsburg throne upon the assassination of his uncle.

    Succeeding his father, Oscar I, on July 8, , Charles was an intelligent and artistically inclined ruler much liked in both kingdoms. The royal power, however, was considerably reduced during his reign as the. Active in several Napoleonic campaigns between and , he subsequently shifted allegiances and formed.

    Charles Martel, mayor of the palace of Austrasia the eastern part of the Frankish kingdom from to He reunited and ruled the entire Frankish realm and stemmed the Muslim invasion at Poitiers in Karl Marx Peak, mountain peak in the extreme southwestern Pamirs in Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous oblast province of Tajikistan.

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    At an elevation of 22, feet 6, m , it is the highest summit of the Shakhdarin Mountains, which extend in a roughly east-west direction between the valleys of the S. University of Leipzig, coeducational state-controlled institution of higher education in Leipzig, Germany. It was renamed Karl Marx University of Leipzig in by the communist leadership of East Germany, but the original name was restored in The University of Leipzig was founded in by.

    Kautsky reduced the ideas of Marx and Marxist historical dialectic to a kind of evolutionism. The emperor responded first by inciting the Rugii of present-day Austria to attack Italy.

    During the winter of — Odoacer crossed the Danube and defeated the Rugii in their own territory. Zeno also appointed the Ostrogoth Theodoric the Great who was menacing the borders of the Eastern Empire, to be king of Italy, turning one troublesome, nominal vassal against another. Theodoric invaded Italy in and by August had captured almost the entire peninsula, forcing Odoacer to take refuge in Ravenna. The city surrendered on 5 March ; Theodoric invited Odoacer to a banquet of reconciliation and there killed him.

    Except for the fact that he was not considered Roman , Odoacer's precise ethnic origins are not known. Medieval scholar, Michael Frasetto, reports that Odoacer was of Scirian heritage, [5] as do others; [6] while historian, Erik Jensen, avows that Odoacer was born to a Gothic mother and that his father, Edeco, was a Hun.

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    Reynolds and Robert S. Lopez explored the possibility that the name Odoacer was not Germanic, making several arguments that his ethnic background might lie elsewhere. One of these is that his name, "Odoacer", for which an etymology in Germanic languages had not been convincingly found, could be a form of the Turkish "Ot-toghar" "grass-born" or "fire-born" , or the shorter form "Ot-ghar" "herder". Others suggest that the name Odoacer is derived from the Germanic Audawakrs , from aud- "wealth" and wakr- "vigilant" or combined, "watcher of the wealth.

    Possibly the earliest recorded incident involving Odoacer is from a fragment of a chronicle preserved in the Decem Libri Historiarum of Gregory of Tours. Two chapters of his work recount, in a confused or confusing manner, a number of battles fought by King Childeric I of the Franks, Aegidius , Count Paul, and one " Adovacrius " or "Odovacrius".

    Reynolds and Lopez, in their article mentioned above, suggested that this "Adovacrius" or "Odovacrius" may be the same person as the future king of Italy. The first certain act recorded for Odoacer was shortly before he arrived in Italy. Eugippius , in his Life of Saint Severinus , records how a group of barbarians on their way to Italy had stopped to pay their respects to the holy man. Odoacer, at the time "a young man, of tall figure, clad in poor clothes", learned from Severinus that he would one day become famous.

    By , Odoacer had become an officer in what remained of the Roman Army. Although Jordanes writes of Odoacer as invading Italy "as leader of the Sciri, the Heruli and allies of various races", [10] modern writers describe him as being part of the Roman military establishment, based on John of Antioch 's statement that Odoacer was on the side of Ricimer at the beginning of his battle with the emperor Anthemius in Under the command of Orestes were significant contingents of Germanic peoples made up mostly of Rugii and Heruli tribesmen.

    About this time the foederati , who had been quartered in Italy all of these years, had grown weary of this arrangement. In the words of J. Bury , "They desired to have roof-trees and lands of their own, and they petitioned Orestes to reward them for their services, by granting them lands and settling them permanently in Italy".