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Chapter One: My Friend Carrie's Beginnings

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Nothing more needs to be said. Well lets just add that many of us are dribbling with anticipation. It has been quite a year for Moonear and the best strategy must be to get a piece of it immediately — why wait? I fondled both of them, gripping and running my fingers over and around them.

With men it had always been so quick, a quick grope of my tits then on to my pussy. Mostly knee tremblers in a doorway or alley, they would shove their cock into me then bang away.

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All I might get after would be a goodnight kiss if that. But Janet was different, she had taken her time to get me fully aroused. Then she thanked me for letting her give me the pleasure. Now it was my turn to please her, she obviously like me playing with her tits. I just watched her face, as I let my fingers caress them. I let my fingers move down to stroke her belly, and then back up to her tits. I could tell from her expressions she liked that, and even got to pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Thrilled by what I was doing, I let my fingers travel even further down over her belly. As I did I felt her pry her legs apart, which I took to mean she wanted me to go further. When my fingers felt her open pussy, she was so wet it was easy to slip them into her. I recalled how she had probed me a little at a time, I did the same to her sliding them in and out.

I got all four fingers deep into her, and teased her clit with my thumb. She was moaning and trying to hump my fingers with her hips, then suddenly with a cry she stiffened as her climax hit. I felt proud of myself for giving her an ecstasy, and wanted to have another myself. I removed my hand and lay on top of her, bringing my pussy to hers. Clit to clit I started to shag her, I felt her bring her knees up to place the flat of her feet on the bed. Now she was gasping and moaning out loud, the bed was creaking and I loved the feelings.

Once we climaxed I collapsed on top of her for a moment, and then rolled over beside her. We quieted smiling at one another and she took my hand, the one that had been in her pussy and sucked on my fingers. This shocked me at first, but her smiles told me she liked it. Again she kissed my lips thanking me, and we settled down to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find I was alone. There were noises from the kitchen, and I headed for the bathroom for my morning relief. She knew what I liked in the mornings by this time, and when I returned to bed she brought me my tea and toast. I watched her get dressed for work, I smiled as she struggled into a rubber girdle. Now I had some clothes to wear, while they were used at least they were clean.

The girdle was well worn and a struggle to get into, and the knickers were cheap cotton long legged type. The nylons were new, and everything was covered with a print dress. With nothing to do except fix myself some lunch, I sat by the fire and thought about what had happened the night before.

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For something to do in the afternoon, I went into her bedroom and made the bed. While there I looked at myself in the full length mirror on her wardrobe. My hair was a fright they way she had cropped it, so close to my head it stuck out in tufts. Being nosey I looked through her dresser, and she had rather plain girdles, knickers and bras.

I was surprised to find a pair of stiletto heeled shoes and boots. They did not seem to be the type of foot wear which would go with her other rather plain clothing. Also in a box under some blankets, I found some pleasure implements. She had a strap-on and double ended and other dildos. I carefully replaced everything as it was, and returned to the fireside to watch some television till she came home.

She came in carrying some groceries, and placed them on the table. She took time to remove her coat and suit jacket, and then started to fix us some supper. She just made some chit chat about the weather, and asked how I was feeling. She did seem to be a bit nervous, and no mention was made about the night before. I offered to help her prepare the veggies, but she was quite insistent she could do it herself. I went back to watching the TV, and wait for supper. I was sure our intimacy was on her mind, as it was on mine and I expected her to say something about it.

Once supper was over and things were cleared away, we sat on her couch and watched television. All I could think of was that in another day, I was going to have to leave her home. At last I felt I should say something.

You made me feel so special, like you truly loved me. At that she turned to make eye contact with me and said.

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I placed an arm around her neck and hugged her close, her head against my cheek. I could smell her perfume, and felt feelings of contentment flow through me. I placed my other hand on the side of her head by her ear, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. She turned her head to look up at me smiling, and I kissed her on her mouth.

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I felt her melt at that, as much as you can feel a big woman melt. She just let me kiss her, and when I pressed my tongue between her lips, she took it between her lips and sucked it into her mouth. I moved my hand from her neck down to around her body as we kissed. I felt her bra strap at her back, and the softness of her boobs against my forearm.

It was like she waited to see what I would do, as if I had meant what I had said about loving her. The passion began to arise inside me, I placed my hand on her tit fondling it through her clothes. She sort of snuggled closer to me as I did, in a silent invitation to do more. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly one button at a time, and then pushed it out of the way. Now with just her bra in the way, her tits were there for me to explore.

As I hefted one in my hand, even through her bra it felt wonderful. I pushed my hand inside and lifted the tit out of the bra, leaning down I kissed her nipple.

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I licked my tongue all around it, took it in my mouth to suck. Her hand came up around my neck, as she leaned back to make them more available. I pulled her back upright to unsnap her bra, and then along with her blouse took it off her. Now laying her back onto the cushions, her whole chest was exposed for me to enjoy. How I loved playing with them, I caressed licked and sucked on both tits. She placed her hands on either side of them, to press them together for my attention. Her breathing got more erratic with moans escaping from her lips, her tongue darting in and out and side to side.

Crying out from the intensity of her orgasm she stiffened for a moment, and I felt her press her knee against mine. I placed a foot on the floor to take my weight, now she placed one leg along the couch. I ran one hand up her stocking of that leg, feeling her bare skin then the edge of her knickers. The tightness of her skirt and the edge of her girdle was inhibiting my movement, at this point I stopped and suggested we go to bed. She was only too agreeable, and getting up took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Already I felt more confident in my ability to please her, and I was also astonished at how much pleasure I got from it. You can stay with me as long as you want, I hope you learn to love me a little bit too, other than just the sex I mean?