Guide Life with Ian: The Teen Years The Journey of an Autistic Boy Through the Eyes of his Step-Dad

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She would say that I would tell her stories about her growing up in England,that Pappy my grandpa would only know!! I told her about when she accidently caught on fire by the fireplace during WW2. She said I would sit with her a long time whatever that is for a energetic 3 year old and tell her thing even she had forgotten about!! Sending much Light and Love Always. My 2 year old daughter started saying she saw a gohst last night and I blew it off thinking it was just her imagination but earlier to day she sat on my mother s good friends lap staring out the window when my mothers friend asked why was she looking at she said the gohst … I again blew it off but my mother asked her what the gohst was doing she said he going home and when asked where is his home she said home here him home ….

I had not said any thing to my daughter yet and I went along by saying oh Yea. She simply replied his boo boos hurt. I asked her where his booboo was and she said his belly mommy he says his belly hurts. And I recently moved back in to my mothers home. This is my first experience with these things … When I showed my little girl a photo of my dad she said gohst and pointed to the picture and giggled abd said he help mommy he help me he pick up brother and give hugs his hugs cold …..

She has never done this before. When my son was 7 yrs old, about a year after the sudden death of my daughter his best friend , we were both laying in my bed at 6am. He was staring at the ceiling, in the corner. I told him, because I thought he meant that we had TOO much furniture, that our condo was full of furniture for the new house. He told me that his sister, my mom, my dad, grandparents were all here. I asked him how this made him feel. He told me he felt safe because they were here to watch over us.

It was a beautiful moment. Love and Peace. My Grand daughter Goes up to the picture of my son her uncle and will blow kisses to him. She is only 3 but she tells us that he is in her closet. I only know that she wakes up after being asleep for about an hour crying and wants to be with her mommy and refuses to go in her room again alone. We have had to keep her tv on but sometimes that does not help. Lately she has been talking about another spirit in addition to the one in her closet that she says is all pink.

She points to one corner of her room and says scary monster. I do believe she is seeing spirits. When my daughter was 4,we were watching tv, she got up and walk to the hallway and started speaking spanish, she could hardly talk english yet, when she was finish, she came back and lie beside me, her father ask her who she was talking to, she said an old man, he said he was going away, about 2 minutes after the phone rang and my mother in law told us her father had just pass away. My granddaughter started seeing my grandmother when she was about 2.

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She had never seen her before and kept saying she talked with grandma MacDonald. She was to young to even realize that was my last name. She tell me she lived far far away. But one day she saw a picture of my grandmother and grandpa and there dog in picture. So awesome! My granddaughter has really been talking about seeing dead people. Said they are in her closet. While riding in the car with her mom, she started yelling there was a man kneeling down, and told what kind of clothes he had on and he was bleeding, and he got dead, her word.. Of course there was nothing where she was pointing.

There is some part of him that is forever Ferrybank

She still tells this story and its always the same. She is three years old. I always encourage her to talk about this and the other grandmother, who is scared of her shadow, tells her ghost do not exist. So she is so confused. She will just come out with stuff. She told her mom that grandpa came to see her and when shown a family picture picked him out.

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He has been dead long before she came to us We thought this was awesome. So children can communicate with their innocence. I believe my son who is now 20 when he was 2 we were staying with my grandmother while our home was being built. He was never afraid.

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When I asked who he was talking with he just looked surprised and said no one. My grandfather spoke with a broken Italian accent and my son sounded like him on several words. I was very close to my grandfather, and he passed before my son was born. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I tell this story. Unfortunately, when I was younger, I was never one of those children who are lucky to be able to sense or see spirits.

But so to say every one of us has had an experience even with the paranormal or spirits. So back in my childhood country, I was always the kid who was carefree and open, even I would play with imaginary friends sorry no spirit interaction, just imaginations. It was during the time of the fresh age of 3 or 4 when I could speak loud and clear when strange things began to happen. I lived with both my parents, grandpa and two housemaids. Both my parents were unexpectedly working overnight so I was left with my grandpa and two housemaids.

It was bedtime and I would often sleep in my parents room. As I got to prepare for bedtime and shift my sleeping position before closing my eyes, I suddenly felt a presence behind me in the big bed I was sleeping on. I shook it off and just fiddled with my hair waiting for my eyes to droop to sleep. A few minutes passed and I still felt a presence next to me until what felt like someone tapping on my shoulder.

I freaked out but then remained calm and turned to see no on there. I still remember to this day and to me at that time it strikes as odd. So yes, children with the ability to see spirits are lucky while some react differently. My granddaughter is now 5 yrs old and forever telling me she sees sparkly dust and white hair. When she was just under 3 yrs old and sat in the back of my car, she said to me…. Honestly I nearly crashed the car.

After asking her more questions she said they were called sarah and john???? She went on to say sarah had silky hair and lovely skin and she misses them sometimes, but they told her she was going to another mummy and daddy.

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Is she psychic? My fiancee and I had our first child 2 months ago a baby girl named Lylah. His mother passed away 2 years ago before I could ever meet her. Ever since my daughter was born things would happen.

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While I was giving birth a nurse named Melissa came in to help coincidentally that is my fiancees mothers name. Last night however we were watching a movie in the living room while our daughter slept on our bed when we heard her cough. When we come to the room to check on her she was in a completely different spot with a blanket in her.

Could it be that her grandmother Melissa is holding her at night? I used to speak with spirits when I was little and on up into my early pre-teen years. I met a gentlemen who stayed by my side and showed me the scene of his death and how it happened. Before he came to me, everyone thought he died of suicide, including my mom and siblings from her previous marriage.

The gentlemen in question was their dad, her ex-husband.

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Well, right before she passed, this gentlemen smiled at me and told me his time was coming and that he enjoyed my company. Days later, this woman passed away and he was gone. I never heard from him again. I told my mom everything and to this day we both know, especially me, what really happened and who killed him. Everyone else still knows it as suicide.

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My son, aged 7, has the same ability I did when I was little. My Peppy grandmother and best friend visits him often and he tells me of their talks. He has also had the honor of meeting Baby Isabella, the baby my brother and his wife had stillborn 2 months before I had my daughter.