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Jenre, I competely agree with your review! This book was good!! Hi Larissa After I finished reading this I though to myself — it may only be January, but this book may possibly be one of my top books for the year. I agree it was a wonderful book. Crick and Deacon had to fight hard, each other and themselves — I liked that neither was always weak or strong but changing as necessary by situation, kind of like real life.

Jen I think Amy will be pleased. I forwarded a copy of your review to her since she was kind enough to send the book in advance of its release date. Just as I was thrilled at reading such a great book.

Making Promises: Keeping Promise Rock, Book 2 (Unabridged)

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Keeping Promise Rock (Promises, #1) by Amy Lane

Sort by Relevance Newest first Oldest first. Tasting Notes. Double Up Lake Lovelace 1. I liked this book even more than Keeping Promise Rock. Read a description of this audiobook. In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, I. The title of this, charter of promises made to God's Israel; it is the burthen of the 2.

They promise themselves that it shall be to them a cup of wine , which they They that are for keeping up and advancing the kingdom of fin in the world. Moses took the book of the c. Josiah read in their ears all by keeping of his c.


Satan attacked this rock the doctrine of justification in paradise when he the God who had given them life and who promised enduring life, and to try to become like The acts and books of all the heathen provide plenty of evidence for all of this. Thanks for the review and giveaway :. I love audio books I just don't get too much time to listen to them but this is now on my wish list. One of the things people tell me is that the second book of the series can stand very much alone-- so for those folks who haven't read the first one, this is a good place to start I've been meaning to read this series for Now that there's an audiobook?

Sign me up! The blurb sounds very interesting and I love taking a break from reading and just relaxing and enjoying an audio book. The book sounds awesome, I'm just getting into audio books and this one would be a great addition, even if I don't win. Thanks for the chance and new exposure to this book. Wonderful review Mark and wishing everyone luck in the draw. Amy Lane rocks.

Everytime I read an interview by Amy I come to love her even more. Great background information on these books. I have read them all and they hold a special place as one of my most favorite series. Love Deacon!! I have not had much experience with audio books.

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Congrats Amy on your new audio books! Mark, Wonderful review that definitely made me cry as Amy Lane's book always do. I love emotional stories that get me my connection to the MC of all her books. I love the heart yanking roller coaster ride that always make me bawl my head off, and makes my husband think I've lost my freaking mind.

Making Promises

He loves his movies and I love my books.. Like Lisa above Thank you for the giveaway!

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Darcy pomma akwolf. It would really be great if I won this Audi book I could listen in the car on my 2 hour drive to and from work. Thanks for the chance. I think it would be very "interesting" to listen to this book. I better not do it while driving! Oh I loved this series so much. I always had a box of tissues beside me as I was reading. Thank you so much to have a chance to win the audio book. I love audio books, although I'm pretty sure I'll always love paper books more. I love having the option on putting the disc in, putting on the headphones, and laying back in the recliner I think it allows for total immersion into the book Your explanation about how your characters develop through real life experiences was very enlightening.

I often wondered if it was possible to walk away from the writing and not take the characters and their stories with you. Thanks for the insight! Just recently started to listen to audio books, and this one sounds really good! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I have an hour commute to work and at times pass it by listening to audiobooks.

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They are a different experience all together. I love Amy Lane and have read the first two in the Promises series. Keeping Promise Rock gutted me. It was a while before I got up the courage for book two and haven't yet had the courage for the next, but am working on it! This would be just wonderful to win. I loved the Promise Rock series, but never read it through audiobook.

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Thank you! I have never listened to a proper audio book , only my kindle reading aloud. Would like to try it whilst at the gym. Home Meet The Team! Now moving on to the third book……… Audio Excerpt Download If you would like to hear a free audio excerpt then click on the icon below…….. I love my children to distraction, and I love my hobbies even when they piss me off. I come from a double line of extremely creative, intelligent people who hated authority so much they dodged higher education, and I married a wonderful man who is quiet, conservative, devastatingly funny, and perfect.

Our children are constant reminders that God and Goddess have a profound sense of humor, and that all of the things you dislike most about yourself but pretend don't exist really do come back on the karmic wheel to kick your ass when you least expect it. My family keeps me young and humble and I try every day to make them proud. I write to placate the voices in my head, profanity is the element I swim in, and knitting socks at stoplights has become my twitch. Posted by Unknown at Jen CW 31 January at Valeri Davila 31 January at Jessie M 31 January at Anonymous 31 January at