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Participants will explore how the precepts can support the practice of engaged Buddhism.

CHARLES HALPERN Mindfulness in Law - PART V

Plus lodging. The ZPO has become an international, interfaith network called the Peacemaker Community, stressing the integration of spiritual practice and social action through Three Tenets: Not-knowing; Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world; and Loving action toward the world and ourselves.

This weekend, Roshi Bernie focuses on his new endeavors, which integrate Zen practices into social action programs that work with the unemployed, homeless and disenfranchised in urban ghettos. There will be a book sale and signing.

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Meditation begins at pm with dharma talk to follow at pm. Cost: Free. Open to the public. Food is simple. Mountains are high, clear and accessible.

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All levels of practitioners, writers, artists, and nature lovers are welcome. In Halpern reinvented himself again, becoming the first President of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and for many years guided the Foundation's activities in innovative, courageous, and always socially beneficial ways. From the beginning of the tale, it was obvious that Charles Halpern was an intelligent, effective individual with many skills.

But competent doesn't necessarily mean wise. Wisdom development tends to be punctuated by "Aha! But while the steps forward are often sudden, the overall process is a gradual one, taking place over a span of many years. Because of this, each person's path toward greater wisdom is to some extent unique.

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The opportunities for growth that life presents to us differ from person to person. Still, learning about the experiences that others have found helpful can be extremely valuable. Formative books are important too, and at the end of Making Waves and Riding Currents Halpern gives us his list. Among Charles Halpern's first wisdom-fostering experiences were the teenage summers at a remote camp on an island in central Ontario. As he put it, "this was where I first experienced moments of deep inner peace and an intuitive intimation that all life on earth is interconnected and interdependent. Making Waves , which features forewords by Robert Reich and the Dalai Lama, includes an eloquent call for bringing "wisdom of a high order" to the urgent new challenges involving science, religion, justice and the human future: We are at a point where no humans have ever been before, capable of taking over the evolution of the human species, designing the traits of babies, and altering the genetic package that children carry forward into life…If ever there has been a cluster of issues that demands the highest level of attention and care - wisdom of a high order - this is it.

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Instead, it is being treated like a political football, with Republicans playing to the fundamentalists and many Democrats mindlessly championing the unfettered discretion of scientists to do whatever experiments interest them, regardless of their social consequences. The recent spate of books demonizing all religions, in the name of science and reason, seem to be calculated to heighten polarization and decrease the likelihood that wisdom will enter the discussion.

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It would be a tragedy if the voices of wisdom aren't heard on these matters. A "Post-Human" Future? Related Articles.

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Aggregated News. Synthetic Biology. By Luke Darby, The Guardian