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Navigating the Passages of Marriage

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Damaged, but Not Broken. Lakeisha Fears-Perez. Getting yout Guy. John Hawkins. I was marked for a journey I had very little preparation for, and I held space beyond my maiden form while still waiting to take root in the body of a mother. For thirty nine weeks my womb cradled my child, and I crept away from all I have ever known. Until suddenly, I found myself at the edge of a river. I began to pace, my fullness hard to ignore. It was not time to slip away. Not yet. First, a sacrifice had to be performed.

Deep, earthy moans escaped my throat as the phase of the rite of passage commenced. Other women had gone before me, and others will follow. It is a refrain that comforted me as I continued to ripen. And then, I surrendered. Before long, my son bursts into the world, and in a heartbeat, everything went black, and I returned a mother. I spent the next twelve months whisked away in a haze of little sleep, and beginning to learn my son and I fit together. And then, the stripping began.

None of the adornments from my old existence would be allowed to accompany me to the other side. My feet, barely hanging onto the sandy riverbanks, finally gave way to the turbulent waters below. The riverbed began to slope downwards at a rapid rate, and I was not told where or when I would find the other shore.

Above me, my arms were outstretched and my fingers clutched into the flesh of my firstborn.

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He transforms from baby to toddler before my weary eyes, and it is my job to keep us both afloat as the currents threaten to pull me under water. I do not know how to swim. So, I hold my breath as the tides roll in and hope to God that I resurface. Somehow, a year passes me by.