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Eventually, God destroyed Pharaoh because even with the patience longsuffering of God and the warnings He sent, Pharaoh would not accept those warnings. God has every right to punish sin because He will give us mercy if we want mercy. But the sobering thought is: if we harden our hearts, God will harden our hearts further. Is that the case? Keep reading…. God, who is longsuffering, is forming, working, forming, but these vessels of wrath are not yielding to the hands of the Potter.

Election and Predestination and the Free Will of Man

All this is going somewhere so that it can bring about the best possible result. What he is saying is— 23 He waited with patience so that He could make known His rich glory to the people who receive His mercy. He has prepared these people to have His glory, 24 and we are those people whom God called. He called us not from the Jews only but also from those who are not Jews. How does it make you feel to know that you are in this group, and that anyone who asks for this same mercy can receive it? What are your thoughts?

Unconditional election

Nothing you can do about it. Is that the kind of God displayed in the Bible or in the book of Romans? Listen carefully to understand what the apostle Paul is saying here. God did not ordain some for Hell. What potter would ever make a vessel just so he could destroy it? Can you imagine a potter in his shop making a bunch of vessels, setting them on a shelf, then making other vessels, setting them on a shelf, then taking a stick and just breaking one group to pieces? He set out to do that?

Of course not. God did not ordain some people to Hell. The reason some vessels were destroyed is they did not realize the purpose of the Potter. He cannot do wrong. No, there are some things God cannot do, and sin is one of them. Because to sin would be to deny His own character. He cannot deny Himself nor act in a way that is a violation of His character. In the choices God makes, He cannot and will not choose to do wrong.

Every Spiritual Blessing Is in Christ

We could go on all day with Scripture confirming that God judges from righteousness, not from pique, a bad mood, or a temper tantrum. This is one of the key passages in our study of predestination as it pertains to salvation. Two chapters beyond where we are right now, Paul has come to this statement about our sovereign, spotless God. This verse is profound, almost poetic in its content and beauty:. God does not create people in order to destroy them!

God is a God of love. What are we being prepared for? The working out of Romans , which Paul has just said in the previous chapter. Turn back one chapter to this verse. I will call them My people, which were not My people we Gentiles ; and her beloved, which was not beloved. Hosea The highest privilege on earth is to be a son, a daughter of God. If you want salvation, you can have salvation. Whosoever heareth, shout, shout the sound! Now the door is open; enter while. Welcome, Guest. We're glad you're here. About About Adrian Rogers.

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Absolutely Not! February 1, Save Article Predestined for Hell?

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Romans 9 No book apart from the Bible itself has ever influenced or impacted the world like Romans. Rogers formed this message: God makes sovereign choices. Continuing in Romans 9— 3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh; 4 who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption , and the glory, and the covenants , and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; 5 whose are the Fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever.

Look at the 3 words in bold in this passage. Adoption —you cannot adopt yourself. Covenants —you do not make a covenant by yourself a covenant is an agreement between two parties Giving of the law—you do not give yourself the law. Not all the children of Abraham were chosen. Turn to Genesis God had a sovereign preference for this man Jacob, and He did not have a preference for Esau.

I hate you. When she became pregnant by our one-of-a-kind ancestor, Isaac, and her babies were still innocent in the womb—incapable of good or bad—she received a special assurance from God. What state were we in when Christ died for us?


Thus far we have seen: God loves lost sinners, which is what we all are before we come to Christ. God chooses individuals.


He has preferences for nations, having to do with their realm of service for Him, but it is national, not personal. It is service, not salvation. It is preference, not contempt.

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Continuing in Romans, we will take verses 14 through 24 bit by bit. It sounds like God forced Pharaoh to rebel. Pharaoh first hardened his own heart before God hardened his heart. What happened was this: God did not harden his heart when he was young and tender, when he was a child. God witnessed to him. God warned him. God sent a messenger to him. God sent the plagues, but Pharaoh himself hardened his own heart. Pharaoh was already lost. Pharaoh was vile, wicked, cruel. He was a despot. He had murdered thousands of people. He had a heart set against God. In accordance with His good pleasure and will — God choice was not governed by anything good or attractive in man it was an act of His own goodness.

It pleased Him to impart his spiritual benefits to his children. Live accordingly: This is for the praise of his Glory- what he has done is for the praise of His Glory — and the response to this in our lives, truth lived out is for the praise of his Glory. We look forward to welcoming you to our time of worship this Sunday at the Golden Ring Hotel ul. Smolenskaya, 5. He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless.