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Program Agenda. Module 6 — Sales Organization Design to select sales channels, territory design, job design and job descriptions. Who Is The Program Instructor?

More sales activity means more sales.

Rick Longenecker. Serving in C-level roles in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies Building, restructuring, improving and merging sales teams Consulting in over thirty industries Managing sales teams in both monopoly-regulated and non-regulated environments Leading sales teams in the Fortune , middle market, small business and in start-ups Hiring, coaching and mentoring thousands of sales leaders, managers, and people Selling both products and services Networking with thousands of people around the world Living in Metro New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Metro Detroit.

Whether a manager needs to drive Salesforce. Rather than only rewarding the top sales person, he decided to develop a system that rewarded the team member who was trying the hardest. McGraw shared the following bit of his experience in a BusinessNewsDaily. This nearly doubled our outbound calls and motivated the whole team.

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As you can see, there is no right or wrong way to run a contest. As both these examples show us, the format, motivator and prize is largely shaped by your team and the needs of your business. We have a group of new, motivated sales people in addition to our existing team members. With our new found understanding of why we thrive off competition, we are now poised to create something great for our team. Not only will contests mimic the competitive market our sales team, but they will help reward creativity, bring some fun in the office and also appeal to our human need for recognition.

If contests are new to you, you can start working them into your office at your own pace. This can be as little as introducing a one hour a week contest to test the metrics and feel out the waters. Making a contest as a sales team motivation strategy is a solid idea. Just as you beta test most things in your daily life, try mini contests to get you started. See if they work as sales team motivation strategies and then make adjustments as necessary.

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The most important part of the competition is the prize, right? First figure out what you want to use as the carrot you are dangling in front of your team.

If your sale budget allows, try running weekly, monthly or quarterly contests on both the team and individual level. If you are noticing that call back times are lacking for example , then set a contest up around improving that particular aspect and reward it monetarily. More money will help with your sales team motivation.

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The great thing about contests is that they allow you, as the manager, to look at what areas are in need of improvement and then offer motivation to improve them! There are many other ways to harness that passion and competitive spirit without going over what you can afford.

Fun is also an aspect of the office environment that is often lacking and introducing it back into the work week can also be motivator enough. Offering perks and rewards for the team or individuals when goals are met can be a great way to elicit hard work from your team.

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Consider perks like leaving early on Fridays, scheduling a happy hour or even perhaps offering a rewarding vacation for that all-star member on the team. For some, the opportunity to improve and reach new heights in their career is what drives them to work harder than the rest. Rewarding specific sales team members with opportunities and experiences within the company is another great motivator. Perhaps scheduling some one-on-one meetings, lunches etc. This part will be completely unique to you and your team.

As the manager, you know your office well so deciding on the best course of action when it comes to contests will rely on your knowledge of what your company needs and what motivators work best. To use this contest, you will begin by using a player scoring system that uses 2 to 4 key performance metrics. Now you just need to create a fantasy sales league of your own, complete with a regular season, playoffs and of course the company championship.

Everyone needs a word of encouragement at times.

Especially your sales team, they are constantly getting rejected, and they constantly need to be reminded of why they are valuable and how much they are needed at your company. This is where giving motivation emails for your sales teams come in. Giving motivational speeches for your sales team at group functions or on special occasions. But most times you have an opportunity daily to use motivational emails to motivate your sales team.

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This great contest idea comes from Repignite. This sales contest is a great way to get more business. Incentivizing your sales team to get the most from your current customer base is a great habit to set into practice. Get your copy of our sales representative job description for free. Use it in your recruiting efforts! Once you have a baseline for your sales metrics, you will be better able to measure success in the future of your contests. Identifying areas where your sales or your team as a whole can improve will give you contest ideas right off the bat as you create motivation for improving these points.

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Once you decide on your contest, make sure that all team members are well versed in the rules. Contests should breed healthy competition but still be good natured, no need for anyone to bend the rules or not know the guidelines. Make sure you are pushing your team to the fullest by creating goals and deadlines that are realistic, yet challenging.

By utilizing these contest ideas and motivational techniques, you will notice that as performance increases, workplace moral is elevated as well. Your new hires will quickly feel a bond with your existing team and suddenly the job of onboarding starts to feel a whole lot easier not to mention, pretty fun too!

1. Sales Team Motivation: Empower Your Reps

Sounds easy enough, but when you consider the importance of your decision, you are probably asking yourself many of the following questions:. Do I want to hire entry-level reps or those with more experience? What are my expectations from a performance standpoint? When it comes to compensation, of course you want to offer incentives that inspire the ultimate amount of drive from your new hires, but you also want to offer competitive compensation that will keep your top sales people loyal to you for years to come.

As a rule of thumb , salary based compensation inspires loyalty whereas commission inspires hard selling, go-getter sales types. Luckily there are several different options available to fulfill your needs and goals while keeping your CFO happy. Basically, you have 3 main options salary, commission-only or salary and commission combo with several off shoots. Each naturally will have its own pros and cons, but ultimately you need to look at your needs, budget and goals for the future to determine which is best for you.

This is the most straightforward payment option. All details are laid out ahead of time and you basically run on autopilot. For employees who are looking for a reliable payment structure, the salary plus bonus payment is just that. In this structure, the employee receives the agreed upon annual salary with the understanding that at predetermined intervals, a performance-based bonus will be give if certain goals are met or surpassed.

The straight commission payment structure provides no base salary for employees. Compensation results from a portion of each sale they close. In most sales environments, you will see this form of compensation. Unlike the bonus and salary combo discussed earlier, this option allows you to pay a set salary to the employee but also offer commission based on closed sales.

In this commission based plan, employees are given a specific amount in advance and this is deducted from the commission offered for each sale.