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Photographing the sample can take 1. The least amount of time a designer reported for this part of the process was 0. This is is so different from designer to designer. Does the designer use an auto timer and a white wall in their house? Do they do a photo shoot with a model?

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Do they hire a photographer or do it themselves? How do they edit photos? Layout can be simple or complicated, taking between 1. The least amount of time a designer reported for this part of the process was 1 hour, and the greatest was 3 hours. Pattern support is a total wild card!

In this day and age, most people expect you to not only create the pdf pattern, but also to help them with their project as needed.

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I fully want customers to approach me when they find errors or just feel that something is unclear. There could be an entirely second blog post on this topic! Final tally: It can take anywhere from Does that seem like a lot to anyone else? Because it makes me want to cry into my cuppa tea. The Caribbean is calling me. They include:.

This means that actually, to make a liveable wage making knitting patterns, I need to sell double the amount of patterns as the number stated above, so between patterns. In this world of digital and social media, looks can be deceiving.

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Someone who appears to be doing amazingly on social media may not be actually making the kinds of sales that make knitwear design a profitable business. But by far and large, many designers do not sell this many of every single pattern they produce.

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Knitting pattern design is a hard business to be in. I think about this a lot. For starters, there is a low price point for something that takes quite a lot of time to create. The only way to pay yourself a liveable wage is to sell a LOT of every individual patterns. The catch 22 is that in order to use your product, the customer has to first of all have the prerequisite skills to be able to knit it.

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Then they have to be willing to spend tens and tens of hours producing it themselves! They have to be willing to wear it or gift it to someone they know, which is to say, it also has to be in line with their personal style. All this is not to whine or complain, but rather, to make us think twice about patterns and how we support independent designers.

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And all those amazing knitting patterns that inspired your knitting project in the first place… poof! Because I know how much work and effort goes into a knitting pattern, I happily support other designers. When I get the rare moment for personal knitting, I gladly hand over my money to someone who has put such a beautiful idea into the world. And maybe someday it might even send them to the Caribbean.

First Name. Patterns available online or on Ravelry There are a lot of patterns available online and there are 70, patterns as of this original blog post that are available as Ravelry downloads. In November of , that number has grown to , You may also see an ebook option. That means that you could buy the entire ebook that the pattern is included in.

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Please note that if you are re-directed to another site to download a pattern, the pattern will not be stored in your Ravelry library. Patterns available in a magazine, book or other source A lot of the pattern entries you will find in the Ravelry database are for patterns that are available in some print format.

You may also see Amazon links in the bottom left to purchase the item if you would like to. This will direct you to Amazon to make the purchase. If the source is a magazine, pamphlet or some other item not available on Amazon, you may need to do an internet search to see if the pattern is still available. Often you can find backorders of magazines still for sale and many patterns in our database are available exclusively from local or online yarn shops. I get asked frequently where someone can find a particular pattern. Often, they are hoping to recreate a stocking or a sweater that they or a family member made years ago.

This pattern may be out of print or available from a source that is difficult to find.