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New Releases. Categories: Children's Fiction. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Robey Vanos and his twin sister Violet have suffered an unimaginable horror for any kid Robey, a football player, has a secret that he has successfully hidden for months. Through his grief, Robey's behavior has become unexplainable. His grades are slipping and his relationship with girlfriend Siobhan is in turmoil.

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  3. Written Thoughts from the Mind of G. Andas.

In a one day account, Violet, Siobhan and close friends discover his secret and witness Robey spiral out of control. A storm of incredible penalty is brewing and Robey is caught in its destructive path. Will Robey listen to his friends and get help? Or will he succumb to a bitter end? Bestsellers in Fiction.

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Robey's War

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    Matilda Roald Dahl. Since then, Jason obtained his degree in nursing at Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, TN and now lives in Virginia with his partner and three cats and hopes to continue his education in nursing. Why is it a negative thing to not want to hurt someone, no matter who they are or what they have done? I know I am all over the place with this post, but I think it really shows how I feel about it and I also purposely do not plan out these posts ahead of time, I think I get more emotion when I just dive into it. What I think I am really getting at is the paradox between patriotism and healthy skepticism.

    We spend so much money in the US on our military, more than the next 17 countries combined. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. Interdict the oil flow out of the Middle East, knock out the air and sea forces of the rest of the world, place a blockade around the South China sea to stop the flow of trade, boom. We sing the national anthem at major sporting events. We have several holidays to honor our veterans and our armed forces. I respect that. But why do we spend so much on killing power?

    Yes, there are other countries that are armed and led by individuals that could threaten world peace Russia, North Korea, etc. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. Budget spending on military is a political stunt. Another element is the distance from the act of killing that has arisen, especially in the last century.

    Before, we as humans hacked each other to pieces, hand to hand, face to face. Now we can control a drone from half the world away to bomb an enemy. As the controller, you will never see the eyes of the person or people you are killing.

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    The killing power has increase exponentially. Previously, you could think the most complete way of destroying an opponent in war as a colossal effort, for example the Romans destroying Carthage, tearing down the city brick by brick, poisoning the wells and sowing salt into the fields. Now we can press one button, and an entire country can be obliterated in an instant. We as a species have developed a way of murdering the entire population of the planet, yet we are not meant to kill.

    We are the most intelligent species that we are aware of in the universe I believe there is other intelligent life out there, but currently we have no evidence , yet we cannot shift our way of life to save the planet we call home.

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    I do not have a call to action for you all, but I felt this really important to say. Overall I guess I am frustrated with the fact that we could spend all of this money that could be used to make our education better, our people healthier, we could come together as a planet to advance our technology to new limits, save the planet, colonize Mars, eradicate disease, make famine a thing of the past.

    Alright, next post will be a lot more cheerful, I promise.

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