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Neue Kartenklassiker 6: Tablehopper's Holy P. Anam Clara - Durchsichtiger Forcierbeutel. Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic. Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors - Issues I Dig Chicks! House of Mystery - Vol. Solomon's Notes - European Tour Solomon's Notes - Midwest Magic Jubilee Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret small paperback edition. Handcrafted Card Magic Japanese Translation.

Sur le Bout des Doigts - Special Edition. Additional Deceptions Lecture Notes No. Dingle's Deceptions Lecture Notes. The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin. West Coast Quartely - Summer Vol. West Coast Quartely - Winter Vol. Das gezeichnete Spiel Magisches Spezialthema Nr. Time Machine Private Studies No. How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit originally The Card Magic of Edward G.

Brown with Study Guide by Andi Gladwin. Notes from The Summit later edition, some additional text. Relentless later edition, some additional text. Completely Mental No.

Finger on the Card Master of Magic Vol. Supershells Master of Magic Vol. Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing. Professional Secrets - A Life in Magic. Giacomo Bertini's System for Amazement. The Official C.

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Rufus Steele 1940

Inside Out Special No. More Pseudo Card-Cheating and related Switches. Pseudo Card-Cheating Switches and related Moves. Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle. Aftermath with instructions from Blocking Off Riffle Shuffle Controls 2. The Book of Numbers - Supplementary Notes. Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part One.

Newbery Medal and Honor Books, 1922-Present

Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part Two. Tenvelopes Two Supplement to Prototype. Typecast Supplement to Deceptive Practices. Larry Jennings on Card and Coin Handling. Dying to Change Astonishing Essays 4. Cues: Variations of the Second Sight Act. Lacht nicht Sonst ruf ich meinen Hasen. The Command Performance - Premier Issue. Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique.

Thirteen Steps backwards for Mentalism. The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions.

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Labaree, Mary Schauffler

This tutorial will get you started using Data Explorer by walking you through the cleaning of a messy data set. Refactor of site layout and focus. This is an update on PublicBodies.

  • Vor- und Nachteile des Kolchosensystems in der UdSSR nach dem 2. Weltkrieg (German Edition).
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  • Examples would include government ministries or departments, state-run organizations such as libraries, police and fire departments and more. We run into public bodies all the time in projects like OpenSpending either as spenders or recipients. Primary motivation comes from this question: Which companies got paid the most and for doing what? This is an update on progress with the Data Explorer aka Data Transformer. Progress is best seen from this demo which takes you on a tour of house prices and the difference between real and nominal values.

    More information on recent developments can be found below. Over time Recline JS has grown. As I wrote to the labs list recently, continually adding these to core Recline runs the risk of bloat. Insightful, incisive and straightforwardly written in the kind of limpid but expressive prose that seems to have gone out with the 19th century. It also includes some very useful data points, some of which are included in the excerpts below.

    In particular, when my first steps when looking to extract information from a website is to open up the Chrome Developer tools or Firebug in Firefox and try and extract information by inspecting the page and playing around in the console - the latter is especially attractive if jQuery is available. There are many circumstances where you want to archive a tweets - maybe just from your own account or perhaps for a hashtag for an event or topic. Unfortunately Twitter search queries do not give data more than 7 days old and for a given account you can only get approximately the last of your tweets and items from your timeline.

    This post is a rough and ready overview of various javascript timeline libraries that arose from research in creating a timeline view for Recline JS. Note this material hung around on my hard disk for a few months so some of it may already be a little bit out of date!

    GCD :: Issue :: Golden-Age Greats Spotlight #13 - Centaur Chronicles

    In history we see only dimly the contours of the recent past. By contrast, the geography of the distant are clearer: the passage of time has gradually sifted apart the great mass of events into the important and the trivial. Slowly perspective has evolved. Thus, it is hard to be certain of how the future will finally judge the boom and bust of the s and its relationship to the wider boom and bust of the last 30 years.

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