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It is a huge thing to rip up your membership card after 40 years, or even to put a cross against an unfamiliar name on the voting slip. So while many Labour remainers will simply be relieved to have an excuse to come home, others will want to see more than a graceless volte face executed in a hurry and in the middle of another embarrassing row about antisemitism.

It may take a rather bigger, bolder break with the recent past before they are prepared to trust Labour again. Meanwhile the months of confusion have given the Liberal Democrats both a chance to detoxify and a reason to exist, something they have grabbed with both hands.

That genie is not going back in the bottle easily, with whoever becomes the new leader likely to seek every opportunity to embarrass Labour on Brexit. But on this evidence, they are likely to be disappointed for a while yet.

Waterfall Model: What Is It and When Should You Use It?

Topics Labour First thoughts. After all, reaching Machu Picchu is the reason that many of you will be considering this hike in the first place! For all the essential details on visiting Machu Picchu independently, read this post.

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This also included a guided tour around the site. In short, you will have plenty time to explore Machu Picchu and take some great photos before the day-tripper hordes arrive. There are no hotels on the Inca Trail and your only available accommodation comes in the form of a tent and a sleeping bag in the middle of nature. For those that would prefer more privacy, you can also pay extra for your own one-man tent.

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart: Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now

The porters carry all the tents along the Trail, but you will be responsible for including your sleeping bag and mat in the 6kg duffel bag allowance. We have previously taken a three-week overland trip in Africa with G Adventures , where we were responsible for setting up and taking down our tent each day not so fun in the rain or after a long day. However, on the Inca Trail we experienced comparative luxury as the porters were responsible for setting up the tents each afternoon before you get near camp, and for taking them down and packing up in the morning.

As mentioned, the tour company will provide the tents and porters will carry the majority of the camping equipment. You are however responsible for bringing your own sleeping bag, which can be stored within your 6kg duffel bag allowance. Just remember to keep your boots, bags, and hiking poles inside incase it rains overnight or a curious dog starts sniffing around The worst part of hiking the Inca Trail is not the altitude, nor the steep ascents, but rather the toilet options available along the route.

Make sure to bring your own toilet paper and hand-sanitiser, and just hold your nose and maybe close your eyes too when you need to go. Those who will take a cold shower rather than being a little smelly. Those who will take being a lot smelly over taking a cold shower. Thankfully, we both fall into the latter camp and we always tell people to embrace getting a little stinky and dirty for a few days.

Instead, you and your group will spend evening conversing over plastic cups of hot tea, playing card games, or lazing in nature together. Your last chance to use the internet or have a reliable phone signal will be in Ollantaytambo, and your first opportunity will be outside Machu Picchu or in Aguas Calientes.

The biggest surprise for us both on the Trail was just how incredible the food provided was every single day. With G Adventures, two chefs are included as part of the support staff, and the unanimous opinion of our group was that those two performed absolute miracles.

What do we mean by style?

Instead, around a table in a make-shift tent dining room, we were treated to three-course lunches and dinners and a decent breakfast. Amazingly, no meal was the same as the last we had sort of expected a lot of pasta! A typical dinner included fresh hot soup, a hearty main course, and then something sweet to round it off - all washed down at the end with cups of tea.

On our last night, we even got a buffet! If you have specific dietary requirements, make sure you enquire with your tour provider to make sure you can be catered for adequately. You are expected to bring and carry your own snacks, although our tour did provide us each with a snack bag on Day One of the trail we finished ours on the last day, others finished it by Day Two. It makes sense to buy them in Cusco or Ollantaytambo, although on Days One and Two of the trail you will find women along the Trail with makeshift stalls selling drinks, biscuits, and sweets.

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Tours should provide you with purified, safe-to-drink water at camp each night and morning; this in addition to drinks purchased in advance and along the way and those endless cups of tea glugged at camp should be sufficient to keep you well hydrated. Toilet entry fees usually 1 sol, 2 soles at Machu Picchu. As our G Adventures Inca Trail tour was actually over seven days, including time in Cusco and Ollantaytambo, we also required cash to cover a few meals as well as spending money for souvenirs in the Sacred Valley. Whichever tour company you do the Inca Trail with, you will be expected to tip your support staff of porters and guides.

The process and guideline amounts will vary from tour company to tour company, but with G Adventures our group circulated an envelope amongst us so that everyone could confidentially put in what they were happy with, and then presented that to the porters on our last evening at camp. For your main and assistant guide, S. Tipping is not mandatory, and you are entitled to put in more, less, or nothing at all.

Many of the most popular places in Peru, such as Cusco and Arequipa , are at high altitude; this means that for anyone planning a trip to Peru understanding altitude sickness and how to avoid it is incredibly important. In fact, not approaching altitude correctly is one of the biggest mistakes of travellers in South America.

This means that it is incredibly foolish to arrive in Cusco, which is at 3,m 11, feet above sea-level, and leave the next day to do a strenuous hike or even start the Inca Trail. Your body needs the time to adjust! A good rule of thumb is to give yourself and your body two easy days at altitude to acclimatise to the change, and to keep yourself well hydrated throughout. In our group of 10, three people were feeling the altitude on the first day of the tour due to lack of acclimitisation, but with more time, water, and a healthy dose of coca tea the age-old Peruvian cure!

For more information on altitude sickness, the symptoms, and how to deal with them in Peru, read this post. This is one area where the tour companies could provide a better solution, although we appreciate our situation as travel photographers and bloggers who carry a lot of technology is a little unique. If hotels and tour companies offered lockers in Cusco which travellers could secure with their own padlock, then this would have allowed us to leave various cards, cash, and tech with confidence and insurance coverage in the city rather than carrying it all in our backpack on the trail Andrew actually lugged 18 kgs on his back for the entirety of the trail because of this, so views himself as an honorary porter!

Remember to pack smart and pack light for the Inca Trail - find out exactly what you need to bring and leave behind in our Inca Trail Packing List. Obviously, medical attention and facilities along the Inca Trail are pretty much non-existent so you need to bring any of your own required medication with you and keep it on your own person or in the daypack.

Too Little Too Late

If you do have any pre-existing medical requirements, inform your tour company when booking and also remind the CEO before setting out. About 1 in 5 children with measles experiences complications such as ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting, pneumonia , meningitis , and eye disorders. There is no treatment for the disease. Vaccination is the only way of preventing it. Measles spreads very easily. In fact, it's one of the most infectious diseases known.

2. Focus Your Attention

You can catch measles if you spend just 15 minutes with someone who has the disease. And adults are likely to be more ill than children and for longer. Someone with measles generally has to spend 5 days in bed and be off work for 10 days. Adults are also more prone to measles complications than children. Outbreaks of measles can happen anywhere at any time. MMR vaccination is usually given as a first dose around the age of 13 months and again as a "booster" jab before school between the ages of 3 and 5. Ask your GP or practice manager if you're not sure.

It's extremely unlikely, but you need 2 doses of MMR to be fully protected.