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Spellings of the family name varied somewhat but were usually recognizable. A similar book for showed him as Jacob Blewbaugh. Other spellings in these tax books through include, Blubaugh, Blubock, Bluebeaugh, Bluebough, Bleubough, and Blubauh. These books show Jacob owned acres during the years through ; acres and acres total of from through ; , and 75 acres in ; , , and 35 acres from through ; and acres in and His and acres are described as being on the south side of Poor Valley Ridge and the acres were on the waters of Powell River.

A tract of acres owned by James Benham and Peter Little in is described as on the "Waters blueboughs spring. On page we find a sketch drawn of a acre irregularly- shaped piece of land and the following words:. Bluebough on a Treasury land warrant W lying in Lee County on the waters of Powells River and bounded as followeth. Beginning a Chestnut and pine a corner to sd. Blueboughs land and the land of John Bennums S 85 W po. Ridge N 76 E po. Blueboughs line and with the same S 76 W po. Hiram Craig of Benjamin Sharp, S.

Several other deeds in the Lee County records at Jonesville show Jacob conveying and receiving land. These records along with tax records indicate a slight possibility he may have owned at least acres before he conveyed acres to John Zion in This agrees with the statement of Mrs.

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Charles Blair of Lee County in that the Bluebough farm probably originally contained as much as or acres. The land holdings of Jacob Bluebaugh can be at least partially reconstructed from these deed records: 1 Possible acres owned before deed however, through tax lists show acres. Total known holdings: acres. Flint - 40 acres lying northwardly to the place where the said Jacob now lives acres.

Jacob apparently retrained possession but if we deduct these acres, there are left unaccounted for acres. In this the remaining acre piece of land conveyed to John Zion in ? If so, the tax records of still showed Jacob owning a total acreage which would have included the acres disposed of in Perhaps this is a clue that John Zion was of some relation to Jacob and it really didn't matter who paid the taxes.

Perhaps John was Jacob's first wife's brother or father which would make Mary nee Bluebaugh Flanary's mother a Zion which could account for Mary's naming her youngest son Zion, usually not a given name. The record states this acres cornered on John Zion's land. Listed are the names of Jacob's wife, Esther M. This instrument made Razor and Olinger trustees of the land - letting Jacob's wife have the use of the land and personal property until her death or remarriage should she survive Jacob. At such time, the land was to be divided among the three daughters or the survivors if one or more should die before reaching the age of 18 or marriage.

Perhaps one who is adept at studying deed records would interpret these instruments differently, but it appears that, for some reason, Jacob asked Daniel Razor and John Olinger to convey the acres back to him for that was done on February 15, Perhaps Jacob was ill and decided to make arrangements for the disposition of his estate. One might wonder if his wife Esther influenced him - either directly to make things more favorable to her or indirectly with her dominant personality to the extent he decided to make them less favourable to her.

Census records infer another daughter was born between and - perhaps after the Deed of Trust. One can reasonably assume that Jacob lived only a short time - not more than a few months - after the Deed of Trust was revoked by the February 15, document for we find not Jacob, but Esther Blubaugh as early as November 19, for land "adjoining land of the heirs or devisees of Jacob Blubough.

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IN , Jacob Bluebaugh was head of the family and aged 45 up born before and his wife was aged 26 and under 45 born The 3 children were 1 male 10 and under 16 born and 2 females under 10 born Where was the third daughter? He had every intention of recovering the goods as soon as it was safe He and his men arrived back to Culpepper, but it was a few months before Mosby felt it was safe enough to retrieve the goods.

He sent his sergeant with six of his best men to go dig up the booty-- but before Mosby's men could reach the loot, they were captured by Union soldiers and hanged. Mosby was the only person left alive who knew where the treasure was buried. He was never able to return, however, and he took the location of some of Virginia's most precious heirlooms with him to his grave. Take This Trip. View Map. Superstition Mountains. Little Bohemia Lodge.

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Make the next road trip unforgettable. Find clues here. Privacy Terms and Conditions Copyright. Start New Trip. Share Map. The days and weeks past as the Shawnee brave continued to go back to their special spot in hopes of still seeing her there. One day, he returned to the cliff where he found the girl standing on the edge. She had snuck away from her home in hopes that she would see her lover there. When they saw each other she immediately told him that they could never see each other again. Not wanting to end their love affair, the two held hands at the edge of the cliff, kissed one last time, then stepped into the abyss below.

It is said that, on occasion, the two lovers still meet atop that cliff. Some say they have seen them standing on the edge of the cliff, exchanging a kiss before stepping off together. In , the school closed leaving a mammoth building on top of a hill overlooking the town of Radford. In , Dr.

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King purchased the building and turned it into a sanatorium for the criminally insane. King was a a researcher who employed experimental techniques on his patients. Some of his experiments included insulin coma therapy and hydro electric shock therapy. However, during its heyday, several of the patients who checked into the facility never checked out.

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