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Running used to help me find out how far I could go. Now, running is more about spending time with my girl. We push ourselves until you end up in this place of quiet solitude, discovery, and reflection. When I was in Pinnacles last month, I was at my campsite and I got up to get something from the tent. About halfway there, a bobcat started screaming and tore right in front of me! The ranger warned me that alligators were coming close to the road because there was still a lot of flooding from the hurricanes.

That was terrifying. She gets this more than anyone else. Be your own best advocate. Explore it further. What does it mean to you? It means everything.

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I carry her teddy bear to every national park and take a picture of him in front of every official park sign. The fifth-largest city in America is about to drop a traffic enforcement system that many people say is an infringement on civil liberties.

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By a vote, the Phoenix City Council decided to not renew a contract with the company that has installed cameras at 12 different intersections throughout the city. However, red light camera systems have fallen out of favor in a number of large American cities, including Los Angeles. Donald Trump has many comically over-the-top personality traits. One of them is his obsession with credit. He either attempts to take credit for things he didn't do or complains that no one is giving him credit for something he did do.

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He claims to have come up with the word "fake. He even went so far as to claim that people in America are saying the phrase "Merry Christmas" only "because of our campaign. People produce a staggering million tons of plastic every year, with half of it created for single-use. While a small percentage of it gets recycled, more than eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans annually, according to Plastic Oceans. Have you ever stopped to consider how many items you use on a daily basis are made with plastic?

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  6. Everything from storage bags to bottles to food packaging — the amount is frighteningly high. And while it might seem daunting to address the large-scale global issue of plastic pollution, there are small changes you can make with little impact on the way you live but a big impact on our planet. The company, founded in , created the first laundry detergent pod yes, even before Tide pods , and has since expanded into other items, including fabric softener pods, dish detergent pods, laundry bags, and dryer balls.

    The products are all made without animal testing, and use recyclable and compostable cardboard packaging to eliminate single-use plastic.

    We Don't Say Heil Hitler Anymore: A Childhood Journey

    The role of women in the workplace has been slowly evolving over the past 60 years. However, in the U. Consider a few glaring examples: Women still earn less than men for the same work, even the U. Women's Soccer Team made national headlines this year in their efforts to receive equal pay to their male counterparts.

    And in politics, more than half of men say they are still "uncomfortable" with the idea of being governed by an elected, female leader. In some ways, it's a fascinating psychological question: Do men hold onto antiquated and outright sexist ideas because our cultural institutions lack true equality, or do those powerfully lingering sexist ideas maintain the gap in gender inequality at home and abroad? The venerable Reichspresident has allied himself with us in this noble endeavor.

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    And as leaders of the nation and the national Government we vow to God, to our conscience, and to our people that we will faithfully and resolutely fulfill the task conferred upon us. An appalling inheritance has fallen to the Government of National Concentration as it takes over. The task with which we are faced is the hardest which has fallen to German statesmen within the memory of man.

    But we are all filled with unbounded confidence for we believe in our people and their imperishable virtues. Every class and every individual must help us to found the new Reich. The Government of National Concentration will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation.

    It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of our nation and our state Germany must not and will not sink into Communist anarchy Turbulent instincts must be replaced by a national discipline as the guiding principle of our national life. All those institutions which are the strongholds of the energy and vitality of our nation will be taken under the special care of the Government.

    The Government of National Concentration intends to solve the problem of the reorganization of trade and commerce with two four-year plans: The German farmer must be rescued in order that the nation may be supplied with the necessities of life A concerted and all-embracing attack must be made on unemployment in order that the German working class may be saved from ruin The November parties [ i. In fourteen years they have created an army of millions of unemployed.

    The Government of National Concentration will, with iron determination and unshakable steadfastness of purpose, put through the following plan: Within four years the German peasant must be rescued from the quagmire into which he has fallen. Within four years unemployment must be finally overcome. Only when this has been accomplished can the idea of a continued federal existence of the entire Reich be fully realized Compulsory labor-service and a back-to-the-land policy are two of the basic principles of this program. The securing of the necessities of life will include the performance of social duties to the sick and aged.

    In economical administration, the promotion of employment, the preservation of the farmer, as well as in the exploitation of individual initiative, the Government sees the best guarantee for the avoidance of any experiments which would endanger the currency As regards its foreign policy the Government of National Concentration considers its highest mission to be the securing of the right to live and the restoration of freedom to our nation. Its determination to bring to an end the chaotic state of affairs in Germany will assist in restoring to the community of nations a State of equal value and, above all, a State which must have equal rights.

    It is impressed with the importance of its duty to use this notion of equal rights as an instrument for the securing and maintenance of that peace which the world requires today more than ever before. May the good will of all others assist in the fulfillment of this our earnest wish for the welfare of Europe and of the whole world. Great as is our love for our Army as the bearer of our arms and the symbol of our great past, we should be happy if the world, by reducing its armaments, would see to it that we need never increase our own.

    We of this Government feel responsible to German history for the restoration of orderly life in the nation and for the final elimination of class madness and class struggle. We recognize no classes, we see only the German people, millions of peasants, bourgeoisie, and workers who will either overcome together the difficulties of these times or be overcome by them.


    We are firmly resolved and we have taken our oath. Since the present Reichstag is incapable of lending support to this work, we ask the German people, whom we represent, to perform the task themselves. Reichspresident von Hindenburg has called upon us to bring about the revival of the German nation.

    Unity is our tool.

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    Therefore we now appeal to the German people to support this reconciliation. The Government of National Concentration wishes to work and it will work. WE did not ruin the German nation for fourteen years, but now WE will lead the nation back to health. WE are determined to make well in four years, the ills of fourteen years. The Marxist parties and their lackeys have had fourteen years to show what they can do.

    The result is a heap of ruins. Now, people of Germany, give us four years and then pass judgment upon us. In accordance with Field Marshal von Hindenburg's command we shall begin now. May God Almighty give our work His blessing, strengthen our purpose, and endow us with wisdom and the trust of our people, for we are fighting not for ourselves but for Germany. The cabinet Hitler joined was strongly balanced against him.

    Economics and Agriculture , both of which he decided to hold himself. Papen was confident that he could control the situation, and the first few weeks seemed to confirm this prediction. I experienced much less difficulty than I had expected in formulating a coalition program. Hitler thought the moral regeneration of the nation to be our principal task. He suggested that economic reconstruction should be accomplished in two four-year plans, and mentioned, for the first time, the necessity of passing an Enabling Law for this purpose.

    I thought a four-year-plan sounded too much like Soviet methods, but agreed that a set program was necessary. For my part, I laid down those lines of conservative thought which I considered should serve as a framework for our policies and suggested one or two phrases: "The Government recognizes the Christian basis of moral existence and regards the family as the basic unit in the nation, requiring the particular protection of the State.

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    In the field of foreign affairs, the Government intended to strive for equal rights in the community of nations, "fully aware of the responsibilities of a great and free nation in the maintenance and consolidation of peace, more necessary to the world than ever before. Later, Papen was to admit that he had made a horrible mistake in his calculations: "My own fundamental error was to underrate the dynamic power which had awakened the national and social instincts of the masses. Evidence of this awakened spirit were soon apparent to any who wanted to see it. The event was carried live on all the radio stations.

    Goebbels spoke first and with extreme cleverness described the atmosphere of the mass gathering.