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It rises in a canyon of the Anti-Lebanon range, about 23 miles northwest of Damascus, and after flowing southward for a little way parts into three smaller streams, the central one flowing through Damascus, and the other two on each side of the city, diffusing beauty and fertility where otherwise there would be barrenness. From "the top of Pisgah", i. The Israelites had one of their encampments in the mountains of Abarim Num.

Abase An old English word meaning to humble; humiliate; to make or bring low. Often used in prayer to refer to our Father in Heaven. It has no perfect equivalent in our language. It has passed into European languages as an ecclesiastical term, "abbot. This was the name of two biblical men:. The father of Adoniram , who Solomon put in charge of the tribute 1 Kings ; i. A Levite of the family of Jeduthun Neh. All priests in the tribe of Levi were assigned to a "course.

It is a grouping of priests who always work together. Because there was only one Temple, but thousands of priests the priests were rotated from one course of priests to the next course of priests. In New Testament times there were so many priests that a priest was fortunate to get to do what Zechariah did once or twice in a lifetime. See Luke ,9. It was a district under a tetrarch. That word means " sodomites ," or homosexuals. Sargon and his descendants built up an empire which enveloped the region, but only lasted four generations.

It ensured however that the Akkadian language became dominant in Mesopotamia. If you look at a map of modern Greece, Achaia was located on the very Southern portion of modern Greece that is almost an island but for a tiny finger of land that bridges back to the larger land body.

Achaia was a region of Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnesus. The topography of Achaia was filled with mountains and therefore was difficult to travel through and this was one of the reasons why ancient Greece was difficult to unify. The geography of Greece forced most of the population to dwell in the beautiful sea ports and thus spread their culture throughout the Mediterranean. Achaia was a Roman Province in New Testament times.

Paul spent much time there and expressed his love toward the churches in Achaia, and commended them for their liberal giving.

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And so Achor means trouble, or Valley of Trouble. Achan got into deadly trouble by stealing forbidden things. His sin brought a curse on the whole Nation causing the deaths of many. They had to cleanse him and his family out of the Nation.


Acts of the Apostles Sometimes called the fifth Gospel. Thought to have been composed by Luke, a physician and friend of Paul Saul of Tarsus. In other words about halfway between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Hebrew word for Adullam means "refuge," "retreat. In the Bible , the only legitimate sexual intercourse is between a man and a woman who are married to each other.

Jesus clarifies the definition even more. HE says that "adultery" is committed when a person simply looks longingly upon another person even though they never do anything beyond the mental exercise of longing!! Spiritually adultery is when a person turns away from the true God to worship an idol or to elevate something else as god. This was part of what was then called the Roman province of Asia.

Different experts have suggested different locations. This place is mentioned in John's Gospel as a locale where John the Baptist ministered. The afterlife is the proposed continued existence of the soul , spirit or mind of a being after physical death. The major views on the afterlife derive from religion, esotericism and metaphysics. In many popular views, this continued existence often takes place in a spiritual or immaterial realm.

Deceased persons are usually believed to go to a specific realm or plane of existence after death, usually determined by their actions during life. By contrast, the term reincarnation refers to an afterlife that is a continuation of physical life in this world. It was located just about two miles, a bit South of true East of the spot named Bethel, where Jacob had his dream of the ladder into Heaven. Ai was a city that first defeated the invading Israelites because Achan had secretly kept forbidden loot from the defeat of Jericho. And this brought a curse upon Israel's armies and the death of many soldiers.

After Achan was executed Joshua destroyed Ai. Later Aiath and and Aija were built very close to the spot Ai had been built on. And so Aiath and Aija are approximately on the same spot. It was located on the coast at the western side of the Nile river delta. During the Roman period it was second only to Rome itself in World importance.

It was a noted center of knowledge with one of the Worlds most complete libraries of the time. However in Acts it is referring to Jews of the Diaspora or dispersion who live or are from Alexandria and visit or have returned to Jerusalem.

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Almsdeeds are acts of generosity to the poor. See Alms. These letters occur in the text of Rev. They mean "the first and last. In the symbols of the early Christian Church, these two letters are frequently combined with the cross or with Christ's monogram to indicate his divinity. There were two or three different sorts. The large constructions found outside some temple buildings may be better classified as "high places" than as altars.

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Inside the building were both largish rectangular altars made of plastered stone or mud brick, and smaller stone "pillars", called horned altars, whose flat tops curved up at the corners. They were not the descendants of Amalek , the son of Eliphaz, for they existed in the days of Abraham Gen.

The Hidden Truth: Prophet Muhammad is the "That Prophet" in the Bible.

They were probably a tribe that migrated from the shores of the Persian Gulf and settled in Arabia. They were apparently a pastoral, and therefore probably a nomadic people. Their kings bore the hereditary name of Agag Num. They attempted to stop the Israelites when they marched through their territory Deut. Afterwards, they attacked the Israelites at Hormah Num. We read of them subsequently as being in league with the Moabites Judg. Saul finally desolated their territory and destroyed their power 1 Sam.

The letters were found in Upper Egypt at Amarna, the modern name for the Egyptian capital founded by pharaoh Akhenaten s - s BC during the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. The Amarna letters are unusual in Egyptological research, being mostly written in Akkadian cuneiform, the writing system of ancient Mesopotamia rather than ancient Egypt. Amen means "truly", "so be it" or "it is certainly so. We know it as the final word spoken in a prayer.

See Amun. By the time its copyright was renewed in , it had come to be known at last by its present name, the American Standard Version. Because of its prominence in seminaries, however, it was sometimes simply called the "Standard Bible". From the very beginning Deut. Both of these tribes hired Balaam to curse Israel Deut.

The Ammonites were probably more of a predatory tribe, moving from place to place, while the Moabites were more settled. They inhabited the country east of the Jordan and north of Moab and the Dead Sea , from which they had expelled the Zamzummims or Zuzims Deut. They are known as the Beni-ammi Gen.

They were of Semitic origin , and closely related to the Hebrews in blood and language. They showed no kindness to the Israelites when passing through their territory, and therefore they were prohibited from "entering the congregation of the Lord to the tenth generation" Deut. Afterwards, they became hostile to Israel Judg.

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They were again defeated by Saul 1 Sam. David also defeated them and their allies the Syrians 2 Sam. The subsequent events of their history are noted in 2 Chr. One of Solomon's wives was Naamah, an Ammonite. She was the mother of Rehoboam 1 Kings ; 2 Chr. The prophets predicted fearful judgments against the Ammonites because of their hostility to Israel Zeph. The national idol worshipped by this people was Molech or Milcom, at whose altar they offered human sacrifices 1 Kings ,7.

The high places built for this idol by Solomon, at the instigation of his Ammonite wives, were not destroyed till the time of Josiah 2 Kings The term Amurru refers to them, as well as to their principal deity.