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Despite this range it is quite astonishingly through-composed.

Bill Knott’s Anti-Career of Guerrilla Poetry

Like Nobody , it is a book to gulp down at one sitting, then to return to, to savour. Their stillness and clarity is no miniaturised charm. Mikhail, who lives in the US, was born in Baghdad.

The tragedies of recent and not so recent Iraqi history and the traditions of Arabic verse are the steely structures that underpin her profoundly thought-through work of witness. Her substantial new book brings together six sequences of characteristically short four and six-line poems.

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Funny and dark, Hill is always a danger to herself and others with her poems of psychic injury and revenge, and here she is at her gadfly best. Topics Poetry. Then a black vapor leaches out of my eyes and everything I gaze upon shrivels and dies. This is how a night goes insane. It is brutal and you will surely die even though you are strong and beautiful and I love you so much.

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There is no way around it. Which makes this collection the sound of a certified genius wrestling with our present—and as you might expect, it is sometimes funny, sometimes gorgeous, sometimes despairing. Most people are registered voters in addition to whatever else, you say?

Well, good. Most people should be reading Terrance Hayes.

A Beginner's Guide to Different Types of Poems | Book Riot

Because you must be just like, overflowing with love and loved ones! Or more likely you are simply too nice for your own good and could really use some quotable material. Good for wanderers of the mind, too.

In this volume, the dead put on shows for the living—or hold hands with them, for the right price—a cacophony of voices speak, in and out of the underworld; there is grief, of course, and ennui, but there is also humor goths, contrary to popular belief, are often funny and real emotional impact. Let go and there is nothing tethering you to the stake that is always driven into the soft center of your vampiric world.

But they do.

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